Senin Bankan reaches the fund of 4 billion TL in its 5th year

Drawing attention for its innovation-oriented services, Kuveyt Turk, enables its customers to open online bank account without visiting branch office for 5 years through Senin Bankan as Türkiye's first interest-free digital banking platform.


Drawing attention for its technology and innovation-oriented products and services, Kuveyt Turk, enables its customers to open online bank account without visiting branch office for 5 years through Senin Bankan launched by Kuveyt Türk as Türkiye's first interest-free digital banking platform.

Senin Bankan, the interest-free digital banking platform founded by Kuveyt Türk 5 years ago in the field of branchless banking as a first in the field of participation finance, has made a breakthrough in the sector by offering the opportunity to open a bank account remotely without visiting a branch. Thanks to Senin Bankan, the customers are now able to benefit financial services anywhere in Türkiye. The fund amount of Senin Bankan, which grew 81 percent on customer basis and 206 percent on fund collection basis, reached 4 billion 173 million TL in 2020. With the innovative approach in digital channels, Kuveyt Türk's total number of digital customers, including Senin Bankan customers, exceeded 1.5 million.

“We are ready for branchless banking with Senin Bankan experience”

Kuveyt Türk’s CEO, Ufuk Uyan said, “As the digital platforms were introduced, the expectations of customers have changed a lot.  Customers are now willing to perform any financial transactions they wish, wherever they are, in the most secure and fastest way. In order to meet these demands and needs, we have been offering our customers the service of opening an account and making investments without going to a branch for 5 years with Senin Bankan.  Thanks to the apps we have developed in order to provide financial services in the best way in digital channels, we enable our customers to move their transactions to mobile as much as possible, from invoice payments to precious metals and foreign exchange trading transactions, from money transfer to insurance and investment transactions, in a fast and secure manner. We gained considerable experience in digital banking with Senin Bankan. BRSA’s Communiqué on Remote Identification Methods to be Used by Banks is expected to come into force on January 1, 2021. In this way, customers will be able to open a digital bank account without going to the branch through remote identity verification via online video calls. We can say that we are ready for branchless banking with our digital banking experience gained through Senin Bankan and our strong technical infrastructure.”

Branchless and free banking on a single platform

Standing out with its structured design in harmony with new generation trends, the customers of Senin Bankan do not pay any expenses such as account maintenance fee, EFT and money transfer fees.  Senin Bankan users can also benefit from many other advantages such as high profit share, free withdrawals and deposits from all ATMs 3 times a month, advantageous exchange rates day and night, free account opening and free money transfer from abroad. In Senin Bankan, where all account transactions such as Current Account, Gold Account, Turkuaz Participation Account can be performed, investment account and investment funds can be opened and investments can be made in funds, foreign exchange and stock markets. Silver or platinum can also be purchased through Other Precious Metal Accounts.  Moreover, customers can save gold while spending their cash in their accounts as the holder of Senin Bankan Account Card and get the opportunity to earn continuously through various campaigns.

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