Research reports on trending topics from Kuveyt Türk Fikrinn Platform

Standing out with its innovative products and services, Kuveyt Türk publishes research reports on today's trending topics and concepts on the Fikrinn Platform.


Standing out with its innovative products and services, Kuveyt Türk publishes research reports on today's trending topics and concepts on the Fikrinn Platform, which it established at the beginning of this yearWith its detailed research reports on 'No-Code and Low-Code', 'Cryptocurrencies' and 'Metaverse', Kuveyt Türk scrutinizes emerging trends and technologies openly.

Turkey's leading participation finance institution, Kuveyt Türk shares its reports on today's trending topics and concepts with the public on the Fikrinn Platform, which it established at the beginning of this year to bring innovative ideas to life. The first three research reports published by the Fikrinn Platform shed light on 'Cryptocurrencies', 'Metaverse' and 'No-Code and Low-Code'. The report, which was prepared considering the details of the financial world, focuses on the present and future of trending topics and concepts and conveys them with interesting examples as a guide to users.

No-Code and Low-Code Research Report

The No-Code and Low-Code Research Report published by Kuveyt Türk on the Fikrinn Platform examines in depth the No-Code (no code) and Low-Code (low code) topics, which are among the trend concepts of today. Focusing on No-Code, a visual software development method that enables application development in various environments without writing code, and Low-Code applications with less code than conventional coding methods, the report provides detailed information on the features, differences and uses of No-Code and Low-Code platforms in finance. The report also includes the practices at Kuveyt Türk in this area. In addition, common platforms such as 'Code Generating Platforms', 'Application and Website Builder Platforms', 'Platforms Providing Automation', 'Platforms Providing Marketing' and 'Platforms Providing Analytics Support' are also examined in depth in the report.

Cryptocurrency Research Report

The Cryptocurrency Research Report also covers the process from the emergence of blockchain-based cryptocurrencies to the present in all its details. The report examines the benefits, risks, uses, leading cryptocurrencies and legal regulations of cryptocurrencies in depth. In the report, important topics such as 'What is Cryptocurrency?', 'Leading Cryptocurrencies', 'Legislation and Legal Developments', 'Central Bank Digital Currency and Other General Information from Turkey' and 'Developments in the Banking and FinTech Sector' are presented to the readers.

Metaverse Research Report

On the other hand, the Metaverse Research Report covers the moves of banks and large companies around the world regarding the metaverse and what they are doing, and also serves as a resource for both beginners and professionals. The report, which presents the relationship of concepts such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT) with the metaverse, also includes various researches and results on what can be done with the metaverse today and in the future. The metaverse usage areas of large companies, today's most important metaverse players and the progress achieved so far are presented. The report, which also includes the latest developments in Turkey regarding Metaverse, touches on various actions taken by companies and institutions in this area.

“We follow the developing trends and innovative technologies around the world and present them as reports”

Strategy and Innovation Group Manager of Kuveyt Türk, Dr Selman Ortaköy, in his statement on the subject, said, “We are continuing our technology and people-oriented works uninterruptedly so that participation financial services can reach large masses. We take on our radar not only the participation financial services, but also the worldwide emerging trends and innovative technologies, and include them in our work. We publish the reports we have created specifically on these topics, and make them available to both our users and anyone who is interested and curious about these issues. Although we established it earlier this year, we published three reports on the Fikrinn Platform. As Kuveyt Türk, we will continue to conduct studies and research on trending topics, as well as concepts such as metaverse, blockchain and crypto money, while continuing our investments and studies in innovative technologies.

The reports published on the Fikrinn Platform, which Kuveyt Türk has implemented in order to realize innovative ideas and provide a better customer experience based on customers' evaluations about products and services, can be accessed at