Remote account opening service started for farmers and private companies

Kuveyt Türk became the first participation financial institution to start the service of opening accounts to farmers and private companies by remote video call.


Reflecting the advantages of technology and digitalization to its customers quickly, Kuveyt Türk became the first participation financial institution to start the service of opening accounts to farmers and private companies by remote video call. With the video call, farmers and individual companies, who are remote Kuveyt Türk customers within minutes, receive 100 TL refund for their first 500 TL expenditures.

Kuveyt Türk, Turkey's leading participation financial institution, became the participation financial institution that started the service of opening an account for individual companies and farmers by remote video call. Individual companies and farmers who open an account in Kuveyt Türk by video call until 31 June 2022 will also be able to benefit from the 100 TL refund campaign for the first expenditure of 500 TL with their bank cards.

Private companies and farmers remain in business

Thanks to the new application, private companies and farmers can open an account remotely without going to the branch by video call via Kuveyt Türk Mobile. For this, the relevant forms and documents are added by clicking on the ‘application’ screen in the Kuveyt Türk Mobile application, as in the opening of an individual account. Then, the video call can open an account within minutes.

“We stand with private companies and our farmers”

Ufuk Uyan, General Manager of Kuveyt Türk, made an evaluation on the subject and stated "We develop technology and innovation-oriented fast solutions to the needs of our farmers and individual companies such as accessing finance and performing banking transactions easily and quickly. We were one of the first institutions to start our customer service with remote video call on the individual side as of May 1, 2021. We have come a long way here and we have gained experience. Now, we have taken a new step for individual companies and farmers by evaluating the expectations and needs of our customers. By realizing another first in the field of participation finance, we have launched our account opening service by remote video call in a fast, easy and reliable way for private companies and our farmers. Private companies and our farmers can open an account in a very short time and start using Kuveyt Türk Mobile. We will continue to transform with innovative and technological services, to facilitate the work of our customers and to be with them. "

Ability to receive payments securely and quickly with CebimPos

On the other hand, thanks to the collection solution CebimPOS, which converts Kuveyt Türk's smart mobile phones into POS devices, all private companies and farmers are also offered the opportunity to receive free and free collection/payment. In Kuveyt Türk CebimPOS, which is used with the infrastructure of the virtual POS system, 3D Secure and GO-Güvenli Öde infrastructure are used in card payment transactions. In this way, a secure payment service can be offered. Thanks to the sales-stock management feature, products can be added in categories with CebimPos, where banks and payment institutions in Turkey can receive payments from cards with Troy, Mastercard and Visa logos and all bank credit cards can be paid in installments, while sales-stock management can also be performed easily.

Detailed information about Kuveyt Türk's remote account opening service for farmers and private companies and CebimPOS product can be found at .