Promotion up to 6 thousand TRY to those who transfer their retirement pension to Kuveyt Türk

Kuveyt Türk, Turkey's leading participation financial institution, continues to increase the privileges and promotion payments it offers to pensioners.


Customers who carry their pension to Kuwait Turk until August 31 and apply for a promotion benefit from a promotional payment of up to TRY 6,000 in accordance with interest-free finance principles.

Standing out with its innovative products and services, Kuveyt Türk has updated its pension transfer package, which includes attractive advantages for pensioners. If they apply for a promotion to their customers who carry their pensions to Kuwait Turk until August 31, they will pay up to TRY 6,000 in accordance with interest-free finance principles. Offering the best privileges for pensioners among the participation financial institutions, Kuveyt Türk will pay a promotion in the amount of TRY 4.000 to those receiving a pension up to TRY 1,500, TRY 5.000 to those receiving a pension between TRY 1,500 and TRY 2,500, and TRY 6.000 to those receiving a pension of TRY 2,500 and above. Retirees who have the opportunity to easily access their salaries from Kuwait Turkish ATMs and all other bank ATMs for 7 days and 24 hours can also withdraw up to TRY 2,000 per transaction from common ATMs twice a month free of charge.

Special privileges for pensioners

Kuveyt Türk offers many advantages to pensioners, from free-of-charge EFT, FAST (24hr transfer) and wire transfers to free withdrawals from common ATMs, from priority transactions in the call center to Retirement Hotline (0262 723 49 19) service. While all pensioners who transfer their salary to Kuwait Turk benefit from the new amounts and privileged services in the promotion, new pensioners will also be able to receive their first salary and promotions from Kuveyt Türk if they apply. It is sufficient for pensioners who want to benefit from the privileges offered by Kuveyt Türk to transfer their pension to Kuveyt Türk via e-Devlet or through all branches.