Our Inherent “Soundness” is Now Featured in Commercial Spot of Saglam Kart of Kuveyt Türk

Kuveyt Türk Launches Special Advertising Campaign for Its New Generation Credit Card Sağlam Kart


Kuveyt Türk launched its new generation credit card Saglam Kart (Sound Card) developed based on the shopping habits and trends of Turkish consumers, through an eye-catching advertising campaign. Inspired by the “soundness” attitude, one of the favorable characteristics of Turkish people, the new commercial spot reflects the behavioral examples of the persons featuring their precautions and cautious actions. Kuveyt Türk’s Sound Card commercial spot by which the viewers see themselves and identify with the characters conveys the message that it is the Sound Card that fits best for the “sound” or sure-footed character of Turkish people.

Emphasizing that the budget-friendly Saglam Kart distinguishes from its competitors in that it offers installment options for buying basic consumption items and gold savings features, Mr. Aslan Demir, Deputy Managing Director at Kuveyt Türk said:

“We try to encourage conscious shopping with Saglam Kart we describe as a new generation credit card. While supporting the basic consumption expenditures with high installment count without any surcharge, we also offer the option to collect the Gold Points in current account or convert them to gram gold. In order to describe Sağlam Kart, we have been inspired by the “sound” or sure-footed attitude, as an inherent attitude in our culture. Thus, we have conveyed the message that our customers can also be sure-footed while using credit card thanks to Saglam Kart.”

Produced by ATL Production, the Sağlam Kart commercial spot has been directed by world-famous Italian director Leonardo Dalessandri who is well known for his specific shooting and editing style.  Italian director is world-famous especially for the Watchtower serial. Viewed by more than 70 million people, his movies were echoed in the social media and also featured in international news channels. Watchtower of Türkiye was ranked the Best Vimeo Video in 2014.