Online collection system Herkod wins

Hackathon, the second software contest organized by Kuveyt Türk under its theme ‘FinTech’, was held.


Approximately 100 contestants presented 25 projects, and the project entitled Herkod became the winner.  A prize of TL 20,000 was given to the project authors.

Hackathon, the contest organized by  Kuveyt Türk to develop software  projects, was held under the theme FinTech at Kozyatağı Workinton hall. Kuveyt Türk’s Hackathon was open to all people who want to offer innovative ideas in the financial technology field, especially alternative payment solutions and social media-related mobile applications, and the winner was an online collection system project named Herkod. This year approximately 100 contestants were present to represent the 25 projects selected from approximately 400 applications,  the runner-up was Augmented Cube, and Abra rated the third place. The projects named Ravens and Bicode rated the fourth and fifth places respectively. The winner was given a prize of TL 20,000; the runner-up won TL 15,000; the third won TL 10,000; the fourth and fifth won TL 5,000 each.

New ideas and projects will be supported

Irfan Yılmaz, Deputy Managing Director Banking Service Group of Kuveyt Türk, commented on the contest as follows: “Kuveyt Türk closely monitors the developments and enterprises in FinTech and works to develop innovative products and services in that field. We support news ideas and projects in the field of financial technology. In this context we organized the second Hackathon contest under the theme FinTech i.e. financial technology. I would like to thank all these young contestants for their interest in Hackathon and to congratulate the winners. We will continue to support news ideas and projects through both Hackathon our Lonca Entrepreneurship Center.”

The top three winners

Herkod: An online collection system for businesses and individuals having an IBAN, defined as a blocked remittance system, not requiring a virtual POS system.

Augmented Cube: An application enabling the customers and employees of a bank to enjoy a unique data analysis experience, using the Augmented Reality (AR) technology, running on mobile devices, giving the users data visualized in three dimension, presenting APIs and dynamic data simultaneously to users at Kuveyt Türk.

Abra: A project drawing attention in a different way to educated people having no sufficient funds in today’s world where person-to-person communication is on the wane, facilitating people to give help about this subject.