Most Comprehensive API Market from Kuveyt Türk

Pioneering the market with its innovative applications, Kuveyt Türk launches the most comprehensive API Market in the Turkish banking sector.


The bank has initially opened its 25 APIs to the developers. Using the API Market, the entrepreneurs and FinTech developers are now able to develop new applications more easily and quickly.

API Market, the new platform of Kuveyt Türk that enables to develop applications based on the API (Application Programming Interface) services, has been put into service.Open to anyone from international companies to SMEs, from entrepreneurs to FinTech developers, Kuveyt Türk API Market offers Kuveyt Türk banking services on a single platform in accordance with the PSD2 (The Revised Payment Services Directive) standards. By means of API Market, the developers are able to develop their own applications using the financial services offered by Kuveyt Türk. In order to develop a new application, the developers are required to sign up for Kuveyt Türk API Market at

Mr. Irfan Yılmaz, EVP of Banking Service Group at Kuveyt Türk was quoted as saying, “We, as Kuveyt Türk, attach great importance to innovationAs such, we have performed a number of projects throughout the year, supporting FinTech developers and entrepreneurs. We continue our support by making the API Market available for use by developers as a public platformThose entrepreneurs and FinTech developers willing to establish a new system can obtain a number of services and data readily by means of Kuveyt Türk’s API Market and are able to provide services cost-effectively and quickly. On the other hand, our clients approving the applications developed by means of APIs shall be able to reach a number of data and transactions such as account details, account movements, loans, loan repayment installments or money transfers over differing applications”.

Acting with the principle of providing better services at all times, Kuveyt Türk will have launched the most comprehensive API Market platform in the banking sector by opening its 25 APIs initially. Kuveyt Türk is also aiming to add to API Market the services such as credit card, debit card and virtual card listing, credit card debt viewing and payment, invoice transactions, mobile phone minute topping and virtual POS management, in the future.