Lonca Entrepreneurship Center started its fourth term with 11 startups.

Realized by Türkiye’s leading participation bank, Kuveyt Türk, to enhance Türkiye’s economy by supporting and developing new ideas, Lonca Entrepreneurship Center started its fourth term after the launch.


In the new term, 11 entrepreneurs will be given the opportunity to benefit from the privileges of training, mentoring, incubation service, grants and R&D support.

Established by Kuveyt Türk in order to contribute technology-focused and scalable business ideas to Türkiye’s economy, Lonca Entrepreneurship Center began its fourth term with a team of 11 entrepreneurs selected from hundreds of applicants. The introductory meeting of the teams of the new term was held at Workinton’s Sapphire office, which has been providing entrepreneurs with work space in various cities of Türkiye since Lonca’s first term. İrfan Yılmaz, the Assistant General Manager of Banking Services Group of Kuveyt Türk, Cihan Seyithanoğlu, the CEO of Workington, the graduated entrepreneurs, the entrepreneurs of the new term, Kuveyt Türk’s business partners and guests have attended the meeting.

“It’s easy to find a good idea; what’s important is to build a good team and work hard”

Stating that they continued to support and develop entrepreneurs in the fourth term with Lonca Entrepreneurship Center, İrfan Yılmaz, the Assistant General Manager of Banking Services Group of Kuveyt Türk, said “We are happy to begin the fourth term of Lonca. We attracted a great deal of interest. Hundreds of startups apply every term. There are very good ideas. We have trouble selecting from the startups. Producing a good idea is fine, but not enough. Because, believe me, it is very easy to find good ideas. What’s important is to build a good team and work hard. These bring success. Even when an idea does not strike you as a good one, if you work hard with a great team, you can maximize that not-so-good idea.”

İrfan Yılmaz stated that there was a loss of motivation in the teams from time to time during the process, and said “We, as Kuveyt Türk, would like to assist and guide the startups. Lonca Entrepreneurship Center has supported many valuable entrepreneurs in the last 3 terms. Our support increasingly continues in this fourth term. Our teams are learning a lot. We are learning and experiencing new things in every term ourselves. We use these experiences and knowledge in the best interest of the startups in the terms to come. We believe that the fourth term will be fruitful as well.”

“We are growing with our entrepreneurs as well”

Cihan Seyithanoğlu, the CEO  of Workinton, stated that they are very happy to host and support the entrepreneurs and added that Workinton is also growing during this process through different ideas and locations as well as Lonca Entrepreneurship Center and Kuveyt Türk. Stating that they support the entrepreneurs with working environments in all branches of Workinton in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Izmir and in Qatar to expand their business ideas and work together, Cihan Seyithanoğlu added that their support for the entrepreneurs will increasingly continue.

11 startups and their fields of activity in the fourth term of Lonca Entrepreneur Center are as follows:

  • Architicket: Construction and building management tool, which enables easy access to current building plans for all employees, which is used for managing construction works and site staff effectively, and provides solutions such as efficiency, performance evaluation, reporting and communication.
  • biProjeksiyon: Providing rental services of projection devices which are not used very much in daily life, which are not easy to find due to their high cost.
  • Kube: The application that enables working and holding meetings in Hotels and Ready offices in various locations without dealing with any operations thanks to its subscription and credit infrastructure.
  • Sopyo: The SAAS solution that enables SMEs to manage their e-commerce operations from a single point, who carry out or wish to carry out multi-channel sales on the Internet.
  • Frise: A smart mobile app that recommends recipes based on the inventory of its users.
  • Green Doorphone: A recycling process management that enables the recycling of waste from basic living areas such as homes, workplaces, campuses to be turned into value by sorting them starting from the very first stage, and by transforming this recycling consciousness into a behavior to make this process so much easier.
  • Predy: It is a platform that provides social media analysis, forecasting and optimization recommendations for the publishers, agencies and multi-brand companies. It provides an alternative to the trial-and-error approach, particularly by recommending ads to the advertisers so that their social media ads reach the highest ROI values. 
  • StuffApp: A mobile application platform ensuring good price advantage to electronic appliances from anywhere anytime.
  • FilameX: An initiative aiming to produce filaments (the consumables of 3-D printers) by recycling through waste plastics.
  • Booking For Kids: Türkiye’s first and only child care reservation portal. 
  • Pollective: A digital research platform that directly brings brands and consumers together.