Lonca Entrepreneurs Center supports 9 startups in the second term

Established by Kuveyt Türk in an effort to support the entrepreneurs willing to implement their ideas and projects, Lonca Entrepreneurs Center started off its second term.


9 startups elected out of more than 400 applications enjoy the benefits of a multitude facilities and opportunities such as server cloud support, office space, expert mentoring support for API, prioritized application for mutual funds, cooperation with investment networks. 

Established in September 2017 by Kuveyt Türk in cooperation with Workinton in an effort to support the entrepreneurs having technologically-oriented and scaleable business ideas in converting their project ideas into commercial activity through a sustainable model, Lonca Entrepreneurs Center started its second training term. Accepting the applications in two categories including General and FinTech, the Lonca Entrepreneurs Center is now supporting 9 new entrepreneur teams elected by the jury among over 400 applications in its second term.

In the second term of the Lonca, unlike the first tem, the entrepreneurs with ready products and/or getting prepared to roadshow their products to the customers have been prioritized. Startups starting their activities in 14 centers of Workinton enjoy mentoring support of senior management and employees of Kuveyt Türk as well as sector experts. These startups are offered a number of opportunities and benefits including server cloud support from leading companies in Türkiye and abroad, professional training, multisite incubation service, R&D support, specialized mentoring support for API, prioritized application for mutual funds, cooperation with investment networks and participation in corporate procurement processes.

9 startups admitted to the second term of Lonca Entrepreneurs Center and their fields of activity are as follows:

  • Fikir Değirmeni: As the first science-oriented incubation center for children and yougnsters,   Fikir Değirmeni provides training in idea, project and business development for 9-18 age groups.  Contributing to the development of innovative business models, future entrepreneur are raised at Fikir Değirmeni.
  • Akaunting: It is a free open-source online bookkeeping program intended for SMEs to follow cash flow.
  • Payfull: It is an online collection program which makes collection process easier for enterprises and allows them to carry out their payments easily and safely.
  • Keyzy: Keyzy which is a cloud-based and user-friendly license manager undertakes the duties of creating, activating and distributing the licenses automatically on reliable servers in the easiest way.
  • Socivy: It is an Instagram automation tool which allows your account to grow organically by automating your actions on Instagram.
  • Lyncert: It is an application which provides Blockchain based network management and identity control.
  • ArgeX: WatchX is a wearable development card that can be programmed with Arduino and Scratch. Wrist worn WatchX like a watch which may be used as a watch is an education tool intended for children over 9 years of age to learn robotics and coding in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics .
  • Uservision:  It is a cloud-based platform which enables brands and agencies to find out quickly and correctly consumers’ conscious and subconscious needs and perceptions  and reveals more user-driven and products and services.
  • Pie2pie: It is an initiative which enables everyone to invest within his/her budget by democratizing to invest in real estate.