Lonca Entrepreneurs Center starts its third term with 11 startups

Mücahit Gündebahar, the Information Technologies Group Manager of Kuveyt Türk stated that the grants and supports provided would be increased during the third term.


Put into service and fueled by Kuveyt Türk, the leading participation bank in Türkiye, in an effort to support and enhance innovative ideas and evolve them into commercial activity for the benefit of the country, the Lonca Entrepreneurs Center started its third training term. During the new term, 11 entrepreneur teams shall enjoy privileges such as training, mentoring, incubation service, and R&D supports. Mücahit Gündebahar, the Information Technologies Group Manager of Kuveyt Türk  stated that the grants and supports provided would be increased during the third term.

Established by Kuveyt Türk in order to contribute technology-focused and scalable business ideas to Türkiye's economy, Lonca Entrepreneurship Center started its third term with a team of 11 entrepreneurs elected among hundreds of applicants. The meeting designed to introduce the new teams was held at Workinton Levent 199 office that has since the first term of Lonca been providing the entrepreneurs with work space in various cities of Türkiye. The meeting has been attended by İrfan Yılmaz, Asst. Managing Director in Charge of Banking Service Group at Kuveyt Türk, Mücahit Gündebahar, the Information Technologies Group Manager of Kuveyt Türk, Semih Sel,  Human Resources Group Manager, Workinton officers, graduate entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs of the new term, business partners of Kuveyt Türk and other invitees.

“We will increase our support in the third term”

Stating that they have shared their knowledge, know-how and experiences of Lonca Entrepreneurship Center and Kuveyt Türk with the entrepreneurs in the fields of software, technology and FinTech, Mücahit Gündebahar said, “Especially the early-stage entrepreneurs are in lots of needs such as training, mentoring, networking and work space.  At Lonca Entrepreneurship Center, we are pleased to support the young entrepreneurs and contribute to their exciting ideas. We are providing the entrepreneur team with numerous privileges such as training, project-based mentoring, multisite incubation service, grants, R&D support and API. Entrepreneurs with ready products are allowed to cooperate with our bank. Lonca Entrepreneurship Center is one of the projects implemented by our bank in line with its ongoing training and development principle. The center has quickly turned into a big school.”

Stating that the amounts and supports provided as grants shall be increased during the third term, Mr. Gündebahar explained, “We are planning to provide grants in an amount up to 40 thousand TL for each project depending on their performance and assist those ready for going abroad in participating in the fairs and other events abroad.”

11 startups admitted to the third term of Lonca Entrepreneurs Center and their fields of activity are as follows:

  • Mondayhero: A Mac application enabling mobile app developers to produce faster software by automating the frontface codes.
  • Saha Gözü: A web-based quality control tracking system producing 3D models of the area by processing the data captured via unmanned drones and laser scanners from the various sites such as construction, agriculture, energy and mining on different dates and thereby enabling remote tracking and quality control of productions.
  • Chip&Pay: A mobile payment terminal that can replace traditional POS handhelds, can be integrated with mobile devices, is cost effective and complies with any certifications.
  • Finstant: A bank integration software enabling the companies to view their account balances and transactions with all banks in a single display and post their account transactions automatically.
  • Sinema Adası: An employment and casting site designed for culture and arts industries especially including the cinema. www.sinemadası.com
  • Kolay Gelsin: A software featuring supply management and marketplace which bridges the Horeca points and suppliers.
  • Lawassist: Cloud-based legal assistant solution which improves the lawsuit followup, legislation and caselaw search processes for the lawyers using artificial intelligence algorithms.
  • Adachypay: Virtual wallet developed specially for African market especially including Cameroon, enabling the shoppers to make their payments at shopping centers or small retailers using QR payment system no matter whether or not they are bank clients and housing many other features.
  • Subscreasy: Cloud based subscription management and repeated collection system developed for the firms selling their products / services under subscription model.
  • Yeppa: Loyalty platform application where the retailers enjoy zero commission fee and next day collection and the users experience secure and profitable payment.
  • UniQool: The first personally customizable glasses brand of Türkiye manufacturing the glasses according to the facial topography and expectations of the customers using 3D scanning and production technology.