Lonca Entrepreneur Center opens its doors to innovative ideas for the third time

Established by Kuveyt Türk in an effort to support the techno-innovative ideas, Lonca Entrepreneurs Center started to accept the applications for its third term.


Applications in two separate categories, General and FinTech may be submitted till Monday, 9 September 2018. The entrepreneurs shall enjoy privileges such as multisite incubation service, grants and R&D supports in addition to training and mentoring for six months.

Put into service by Kuveyt Türk in cooperation with Workinton in order to support and enhance the techno-innovative ideas and evolve them into commercial activity, the lonca Entrepreneurs Center started to accept the applications for its third term. Aimin at supporting at least 10 new entrepreneurs during the third term, the Lonca Entrepreneurs Center will accept applications online at no later than Sunday, 9 September 2018.

Applications at Lonca Entrepreneurs Center are received in two categories, general and  FinTech. Entrepreneurs in general category may apply for their projects on software, information security, robotics, big data,  internet of things (IoT),  mobile apps, machine learning, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), game development or image processing. FinTech category involves the financial technology projects such as payment systems, blockchain, digital wallet, API banking, individual financial management tools, crowd funding. A number of criteria such as the size of target market of the project, having income or benefit model.

Opportunity to take part in international competitions

Eligible applicants from among hundreds of applications filed at Lonca Entrepreneurs Center will enjoy support for six months. At the Lonca Entrepreneurs Center, training, project–based mentoring, multisite incubation service, grant in an amount up to 10 thousand TL shall be provided for startups, while R&D support shall be provided for those entrepreneurs developing devices, and FinTech’s shall enjoy a number of supports including API, other privileges and opportunity to represent Türkiyein international competitions. Moreover, Lonca entrepreneurs shall become prioritized in filing applications to Tekno girişim Venture Capital Investment Fund established with cooperation of Kuveyt Türk and Vakif Katılım in order to invest in startups.

Projects meet business world

Launched in cooperation with Workinton, the Lonca Entrepreneurs Center offers the entrepreneurs with suitable working environment owned by Workinton in 15 different locations in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Bursa. At the end of six months, some off the applications considered to be of value for the society, sector and Kuveyt Türk’s clients shall be projected and included into the business processes by Kuveyt Türk. On the other hand, the entrepreneurs producing products and services for SMEs or commercial customers are assisted in meeting target customers and selling their products and services to such customers. Supporting 10 entrepreneurs during its first term, the Lonca Entrepreneurs Center has been continuing its training efforts for 9 entrepreneurs elected among 400 applications in its second term. Lonca Entrepreneurs Center intends to select 11 entrepreneurs for its third term.