Kuveyt Türk's Traditional Wall Calendar is Now in Digital

Kuveyt Türk's traditional wall calendar, which attracts great attention, has been moved to digital as a mobile application.


Kuveyt Türk Digital Calendar users can view content created specifically for each day, track prayer times with a counter, and instantly access much more services than expected from a calendar, including a calendar converter.

Innovative and leading participation bank in Türkiye, Kuveyt Türk transformed the classic wall calendar, which attracted great attention and became traditional, into a mobile application and brought it to digital under the name Kuveyt Türk Digital Calendar. In the Kuveyt Türk Digital Calendar, which can be used with Turkish and English language options, the tradition of "writing behind the calendar" is maintained by adhering to the traditional calendar approach. The calendar, which is put into service on Android and iOS platforms, provides users with a different experience with many new features that make daily life easier.

"Everyone will find something for themselves on our digital calendar"

Kuveyt Türk’s CEO Ufuk Uyan, “Calendars that enable us to plan time correctly in religious, cultural, social, economic or administrative terms are an effective time management tool. Knowing the value of the moment and making good use of time makes our life more meaningful. Based on this understanding, we have been preparing the Kuveyt Türk Wall Calendar for many years and presenting it to our customers. In our traditional wall calendar, we present sections of the ideas and lives of many of our writers, thinkers, intellectuals and historical figures. We wanted to bring our traditional wall calendar to digital and present it to the use of large masses, with new information gained as we read, adding abundance to the present and reflecting our national and spiritual values. We can state that those who download and use our mobile application, which we call the Kuveyt Türk Digital Calendar, on their phones will have a different experience with the unique design of our digital calendar and original content. We are delighted to continue our calendar culture in digital as well as our traditional wall calendar. We aim to improve our digital calendar by adding new features in the upcoming period.”

Features of Kuveyt Turk Digital Calendar

With the sections of "content of the day", "today in history", " versicle of the Quran of the day" and "hadith of the day", which have been meticulously compiled for each day, users can become aware of each new day and obtain valuable information, they can add the content they like to their favorites and then access them quickly and can share with their loved ones on social platforms. In addition, users can easily set the "prayer times" according to their location and keep track of the time until the next time with the "time counter". Users can celebrate the religious days and nights of their loved ones with beautiful “greeting cards” specially designed for the Kuveyt Türk Digital Calendar application.

Alaturka Time are included in a digital calendar for the first time

Kuveyt Türk Digital Calendar includes "mean time" as well as "alaturka time" that show azan and prayer times. Alaturka time is a local time measure used by our ancestors based on the beginning of the day with the evening prayer and ending with the afternoon prayer. Many notions used in worship are according to the Alaturka time and are reflected in our tradition as well. For example, after the evening call to prayer on Thursday, Friday starts. Therefore, the time period after the evening azan is called "Friday night / evening". Also holy night days start with the evening prayer and end with the afternoon prayer. With the Kuveyt Türk Digital Calendar, users can follow the azan and prayer times with the "alaturka time".

Gregorian, Rumi and Hijri calendar converter

In addition to these features, Kuveyt Türk Digital Calendar also includes a "calendar converter" in which Gregorian, Hijri and Rumi calender can be converted into each other. Thus, users can easily learn the equivalent of a date in different calendars, and can easily use the calendar converter in scientific research and in daily life. It is planned to add menus as the Quran, the nearest mosque and Kuveyt Türk Library to the Kuveyt Türk Digital Calendar, which also includes menus such as “Qibla Finder”, “choose from the calendar”, “religious days and nights”, "Ramadan timetable" and "greeting cards".

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