Kuveyt Turk’s Special Commercial Spot for Holy Ramadan

Traditionally, Kuveyt Türk has done its part also in this Ramadan and welcomed the Ramadan with a meaningful commercial spot calling people on sharing and doing favors for others.


Featuring the footages from Islamic geography such as Türkiye, Africa and Middle East, the spot uses an universal language to demonstrate how Ramadan has gathered together at a common place people from all over the world with different cultures.

Paying special attention and embracing cultural and moral values, Kuveyt Türk has also welcomed the Ramadan this year, too, with a commercial spot calling people on sharing and doing favors for others and telling about the emotions felt by people during the holy month of Ramadan, using an universal language. Kuveyt Türk’s commercial spot with the motto “Ramadan comes, surrounding everywhere and embracing all of us” strikingly features with real-life footage how people of quite different lifestyle, habits, behaviors and hope during other times have come together at a shared point just with the start of holy Ramadan.

In the commercial spot produced by Gram Istanbul, people enjoying Ramadan in remote locations come together at a common place with complementary environments, movements and rituals. Combination of the scenes that we view from different regions of Türkiyesuch as Mardin, Diyarbakir, Cappadocia, Istanbul with the footages from Africa and Central Asia turns into a meaningful, colorful and heart-warming movie.