Kuveyt Türk’s Saglam Card That Saves Gold

Kuveyt Türk launched its new product Sağlam Kart developed based on the shopping habits and trends of Turkish consumers.


The holders of new generation credit card from Kuveyt Türk earn Gold Points corresponding to 50 TL without any card fee if they spend 200 TL or more a month and they repay their credit card debts regularly in addition to installment options offered by Saglam Card.

Kuveyt Türk’s new generation credit card characterized by its affordability brings a different perspective in the sector. Saglam Card offers holders of this card the option to charge their basic health and education bills and repay them in 5 installments with no extra payment and to determine the number of installments they would choose at their discretion up to 12 installments for each spending of TL 100 or more by card. The holders of the card earn Gold Points corresponding to 50 TL without any card fee if they spend 200 TL or more a month and they repay their credit card debts regularly.

Saglam Card is available in 3 options including Classic, Gold, Platinum.  Saglam Card can be used for withdrawing advance in cash up to 10 percent of its limit, and that upper limit is TL 500 for Classic, TL 1,000 for Gold, and TL 2,000 for Platinum.

Emphasizing that the budget-friendly Saglam Kart distinguishes from its competitors in that it offers installment options for buying basic consumption items and gold savings features, Mr. Mehmet Oral, EVP of Retail Banking Group at Kuveyt Türk said: “There are around 58 million credit cards in Türkiyeand according to 2016 data, around 2 million card holders suffer problems in paying the card debts. These figures reveals the importance of acting prudently in use of credit cards. We have designed Saglam Card keeping this very point in mind. With this card, we aimed at supporting our clients at any time they need stopping them from making unnecessary or impulsive shopping and encouraging them buying only required items. With Saglam Card we believe would bring in a new perspective in the sector, we are pleased to add another step in line with ‘Sound Banking’ approach of Kuveyt Türk.”

Gold Points turn into savings in gold account

Stating that unlike other cards in the market, they aim at encouraging conscious spending, Mr. Mehmet Oral, EVP of Retail Banking Group at Kuveyt added: “With this credit card, instead of giving restricted and time-limited points to our clients, we are aiming at giving them gold points to be used freely or converted into savings and repay their education and healthcare spending in installments with no extra charge. When the Gold Points offered by Sağlam Card exceeds 10 TL, they are automatically transferred to Gold Current Account of our clients. Saglam Card holders are free to keep the gold in that account or convert to Turkish Liras or withdraw as gram gold from any Kuveyt Türk branch offices.”

Sağlam Card is always next to its clients

Also with its standout services, Sağlam Card is aiming at always giving them a back when they need.  The card holders can enjoy a number of Saglam Card assistant services such as residential, travel, road assistance and concierge services.

All the Sound Card holders can pay their utility bills (such as electricity, natural gas, water, telephone service providers contracted with Kuveyt Türk) with automatic instruction and free of charge.  Platinum Sağlam Card holders can enjoy 10 percent discount at overseas restaurants and 20 percent discount at the parking lots of Sabiha Gökçen and Atatürk Airports. Detailed info about Sağlam Card is available at the call center 4440123 or