Kuveyt Türk's flexible fringe benefits application, Sepetim, increases employee loyalty

Kuveyt Türk stands out in the sector with flexible fringe benefits application, Sepetim (My Basket), developed for own employees.


Employees can purchase phones, choose shopping vouchers, use fuel cards or make additional investments in their PPS accounts with their flexible budget, or switch to packages that meet their needs under private health insurance. Employees can use their flexible budgets in education as well as donate with this budget. The employee satisfaction rate for Sepetim, which has been implemented for five years, has increased to 87 percent.

Kuveyt Türk, the leading participation bank of Türkiye, broke new ground in the financial sector and developed the best fringe benefits application, Sepetim, in 2017. Employees can flex the fringe benefits defined in their accounts as part of the Basket application and make different choices according to their needs. Thanks to the Sepetim application, which has been implemented for 5 years at Kuveyt Türk, employees' workplace satisfaction and corporate loyalty are increasing year by year. In the last in-house survey study, the satisfaction rate of the Sepetim application rose to 87 percent.

With the Basket app, Kuveyt Türk employees can use the flexible budgets defined in their accounts in different areas they need or invest in the future. Employees can purchase phones, shopping vouchers, fuel cards or make additional investments in their private pension accounts, or switch to large packages for their private health insurance needs with their flexible budgets. Employees can also use their budgets, which they stretch in the Sepetim application, for personal development training and certified programs.

"Our focus is on employee satisfaction and development"

Aslan Demir, Executive Vice President, HR, Strategy and Digital Transformation, said: “We attach great importance to realizing activities that will increase employee satisfaction and loyalty. We strive to ensure that our employees to feel proud of belonging to Kuveyt Türk and offer them a happy and peaceful working environment by developing our human resources processes in accordance with the principle "people first-employee first". In this context, we offer different solutions to the different needs of our employees with our flexible fringe benefits application Sepetim, which we implemented 5 years ago. We are also very happy that our Basket application, which is a first in the finance sector in terms of fringe benefits, is more and more appreciated by our employees every year. As a result of our original human resources practices such as Sepetim and many others, we became the first financial institution to enter Türkiye in the list of "Europe's Best Employers 2020", organized by the Great Place to Work Institute (GPTW) and one of the most prestigious organizations in the world in the field of human resources. For the last 3 years, we have also experienced the joy of being selected as "Best Employer in Türkiye" and "Best Employer in Finance". We will continue to improve our human resources processes with an approach that focuses on the satisfaction and development of our employees.”

Education, phone and shopping voucher purchases stand out

In the Sepetim application, where different options are offered, one of the areas frequently used by employees is phone purchases. Employees preferred phones 5 thousand 127 times, while shopping vouchers of different brands were preferred 4 thousand 842 times. While the number of preferences for personal development training reached thousands, employees donated up to 171 thousand TRY as part of the opportunity to donate to the Red Crescent and the religious foundation of Türkiye.

Employees can invest in their future

Since the first year of use, Sepetim, which has been integrated with the Private Pension System (PPS), also offers users the opportunity to invest in their future and saving money over their gross limits. In the first year, the number of employees who invested in PPS for their future was 1636, while in 2021 this number reached the highest point of 5 years and reached 3 thousand 515.

Collects international awards

The Sepetim application of Kuveyt Türk as it implements a first in the financial sector in Türkiye, also wins international awards. The application, which won the gold medal in the "best fringe benefits" category in the international competition organized by Brandon Hall Group in 2019, was awarded a silver medal in the "best human resources application" category at the 2020 Stevie Awards for Great Employers.