Kuveyt Türk’s blog page is live now!

The leading participation bank in Türkiye, Kuveyt Türk launches a blog page, which it prepared as part of “we are growing with our values” approach.


Visitors of the blog page may access informative content on many topics from finance to technology, from business to culture and art.

Innovative and leading participation bank in Türkiye, Kuveyt Türk launches a blog page. The carefully prepared blog page includes different contents under the categories of technology, finance, investment, business world, culture-art and life.

In the technology category, the blog contains very useful information for visitors on topics such as internet of things, cyber security, online education platforms, social media, digital banking, advice for those who will use vehicle financing, stock exchange for beginners, financial literacy and comprehensive information is shared on topics such as general information about the markets in the finance category.

In the investment category, issues such as savings tips, gold investment, selection of suitable investment tools are mentioned, while in the business category, there are topics such as a work guide for freelancers, the effect of color psychology on branding, healthy living suggestions for desk workers, and initiative ideas that sparkle during the epidemic.

In the culture-art category, information may be found on many subjects, from traditional arts to Turkish music, from e-books to e-museums and from artistic influences in mosques to historical places. Visitors are also informed about daily life issues such as nutrition tips, social responsibility awareness, professional photo shooting with smartphones, tips of online shopping, minimalist life guide in the lifestyle category.