Kuveyt Türk trains the managers of the future with talent and career programs

Kuveyt Türk, which has been ranked as the Best Employer in Turkey for five years and ranked first in the list of the Best Employers in Europe, continues to contribute to the employment of the country and to train the managers of the future.


Kuveyt Türk receives applications for Management Trainee (MT) and training of future audit professionals (D3-audit, digital transformation, consultancy). The candidates will be able to apply until May 15, 2023.

Standing out with the opportunities it offers to those who want to start their career in the field of participation finance, Kuveyt Türk continues to increase its recruitment programs and the opportunities presented for the development of its employees. Kuveyt Türk started to apply for Management Trainee (MT), Internal Control and D3 (Audit, Digital Transformation, Consultancy) Training of Future Audit Professionals Program. The demand for Kuveyt Türk's management development programs, which differ from the market both with comprehensive applications in digital recruitment processes and competitive remuneration offered after employment, special career coaching, hybrid working opportunities, free master's options and development packages, is expected to be high in this period.

Managers of the future are being trained by Kuveyt Türk MT (Management Trainee)

The candidates who have just graduated from universities or who have only one year of graduation and know very good English may apply for MT (Management Trainee) program, which aims to train the future managers of Kuveyt Türk. Employees participating in the MT program are provided with free-of-charge graduate support at certain universities, as well as in-class and online training opportunities that contribute to their career goals. MTs are also offered in-house rotation to experience different units and improve themselves. Kuveyt Türk, which launched the MT program for the first time in 2007, focuses on those who are included in the MT program in the appointment of managers. Employees who have completed the Kuveyt Türk MT program and are rapidly advancing in their careers are positioned as managers both in the field and in general directorate units. From strategy to innovation, from individual to commercial marketing, manager and director positions are entrusted to MTs. Kuveyt Türk’s MT program was selected as the best talent program in the banking and finance sector in the "Top100 Talent Program" competition of Top Talent, one of the leading job advertisement and career platforms in Turkey.

Digital transformation raises visionary auditors

Kuveyt Türk's D3 (audit, digital transformation, consultancy) Training Future Audit Professionals Program, which trains the audit professionals of the future, aims to select and train assistant auditors. With the D3 talent program carried out in this context, employees are provided with some additional rights, unlike traditional assistant auditor recruitment programs. While Kuveyt Türk provides the opportunity to enroll for a master's degree funded by D3 Academy, special trainings designed by the leading education companies of the market are given. Assistant auditors who join the Kuveyt Türk family have the opportunity to continue their development throughout their career with training, development and certificate programs designed specifically for the program.

Kuveyt Türk's D3 - Training Future Audit Professionals Program is positioned as the Kuveyt Türk Audit Board's talent program for selecting and training assistant auditors suitable for the audit's vision of digital transformation. Kuveyt Türk D3 is not only a recruitment program, but also starts with the employment of assistant auditors and continues throughout the careers of the participants in the Inspection Board and the bank. The D3 Academy Training Program, which was awarded the gold award in the "Best Talent and Skill Development" category by the Brandon Hall Group in 2021, offers candidates the right to benefit from free master's, data analytics certificate program and special career planning and career management programs.

Kuveyt Türk Internal Control Department, on the other hand, is waiting for the applications of the candidates with the Internal Auditor Training Program who want to make a solid start to their career journey.  Candidates for MT, D3 and Internal Auditor Training programs, where applications are received through Kuveyt Türk's career portal, will be able to apply until May 15, 2023.

Its Employees are preparing for the future

Kuveyt Türk has implemented the new career model Development Kitchen project, which removes the titles, where the employees write their own career descriptions and gain experience in different fields, and prepares the employees for the competencies of the future, by breaking new ground in the financial sector. While the Development Kitchen enables employees to deepen in their current jobs and prepare them for the future in an equipped manner, it also provides employees with the opportunity to gain experience in different fields by collecting and scoring applications such as interdepartmental rotation, experience-based temporary assignments, on-the-job trainings in the Development Basket. The Dual Career Structure, away from pressure and stress of titles and promotions, allows employees to draw different career paths by focusing on their own development journeys. Provided that the desired conditions are met in seniority and performance, employees are offered a different career path with online trainings, certificates, rotations and graduate processes determined according to the necessity of the job. Employees with sufficient performance and seniority also benefit from an additional pay increase based on their level and job.