Kuveyt Türk to proactively protect rights of its clients

Demonstrating its strict commitment to the ethical banking principles at any stages of banking services, Kuveyt Türk has established Customer Rights Department, a “pioneering” practice in a bid to self control for protection and care of the customer rights.


Reporting to Legal and Risk Monitoring Group, the Department will ensure self-control to protect the customer rights and proactively take appropriate measures without waiting for any complaints.

Commenting on the opening of the Customer Rights Department, Mr. Nurettin Kolaç, Asst. General Manager at Kuveyt Türk said, “In line with interest-free banking principles, Kuveyt Türk offers its services without compromising its sound banking, justice, confidence, professionalism, innovation and team spirit values in addition to the general ethical banking principles. I believe that this pioneering initiative taken by our bank to manage our efforts to safeguard the rights of our customers under a dedicated department will be seen as an exemplary act for other banks. We have allocated this department to proactively protect the rights of our clients in addition to the customer satisfaction.”

“We will solve any problem no matter there is a customer complaint”

Stating that all the banks have a customer satisfaction unit, Mr. Kolaç went on to say, “our goal is to protect the right of clients before their satisfaction... If something is done which violates the right of our client in banking products / transactions, our department solves that problem through its self-control mechanism without involving the client at all.” Mr. Kolaç further explained, “For instance, the client signs various contracts if she / he is willing to use loans. We present them wit a ‘Pre-Contract Information Form” before they sign any contract. This means that the client has the full control of the contract and enough time to read the contract. In addition, if the client has been overcharged for any transaction, we refund it right away or remove any unnecessary provisions from the contract. We do not charge account operating fee or card fee from our clients and we state that to them.”

A structure not compromising the ethical banking responsibility

Performing all the banking services offered to its clients, in strict compliance with the basic principles laid down in its Code of Ethics, Kuveyt Türk stands out in the market with its painstaking approach to offer fair and impartial services to the clients receiving the same type of service and meeting their needs at the highest level possible. Kuveyt Türk guides and strongly encourages its clients to make use of the products and services taking their income and living standards into account. The Bank prevents the clients from using services and products which may adversely effect their interests except for their legal rights.

Kuveyt Türk procures that its employees at any branch offices throughout Türkiye, head office and subsidiaries strictly comply with the rules laid down in the Code of Ethics without compromising and operates as a bank which always feels the rightful confidence of its clients. Taking appropriate actions, implementing the rules across the bank, inspecting and reporting such implementation in case where any transaction is not in compliance with, or likely to violate, the Code of Ethics allow for acting in compliance with the Code of Ethics. In order to properly fulfil such responsibility, the Bank appoints “Member of Board in Charge of Ethics”. These “Ethics Envoys” across the bank ensures the sustainability ad quick action of the system.