Kuveyt Turk takes part in Europe’s best employers list!

One of the leading participation financing institutions in Türkiye, Kuveyt Türk made the “Best Employers in Europe 2020” list organized by Great Place To Work Institute, one of the most prestigious events in terms of human resources.


As the first finance institution included in this list from Türkiye, Kuveyt Türk has also achieved to become the first bank in Europe to be included in that list, in the field of Islamic finance.

Pursuing the principle of “Human first – employee first”, Kuveyt Türk continues to offer a happy and peaceful working environment for its employees with its HR practices ensuring that nearly 6 thousand employees say ‘Fortunately I am a member for Kuveyt Türk family’. Marking another success thanks to its applications, Kuveyt Türk made the “Best Employers in Europe 2020” list organized by Great Place To Work Institute (GPTW), one of the most prestigious events in terms of human resources.

Achieving to be included among 30 companies with highest number of employees in the list of large companies with 500+ employees as one of the most important category of the list,  Kuveyt Turk became the first financial institution entering the list from Türkiye while it became the first bank included in the list in the field of Islamic finance in Europe.

“It is common values that connect the brand and human”

Aslan Demir, Executive Vice President in charge of Strategy, HR and Digital Transformation at Kuveyt Türk, said: “We are so delighted that we have now been included among the Best Employers of Europe this year after our inclusion in Best Employers of Türkiye for the last three years. We believe that the key strength that bring the brand and people together is the common values. Accordingly, we are focusing on offering the best working experience for our colleagues and bring all the matters affecting life of our people from business results to performance, training-development, voluntariness, from or physical environment to our corporate culture under the umbrella of ‘Fortunately’.”

Pleasant working environment and a value-adding business culture

Emphasizing that they aim to outperform every day with the pioneering practices in the sector with the motto "human first-employee first", Aslan Demir said, “This year we have experienced and still experience an extraordinary process due to the pandemic.  In this process, by saying "health first", we became one of the institutions that quickly applied working from home and alternate working models in our headquarters and branches. The robustness of our digital infrastructure made this process easier for all of us. During this period, we continued our practices worthy of awards by maintaining our efficiency and motivation. Last month, our banking school achieved a great success and returned from the Brandon Hall Group with 10 different awards, 4 of which were gold, while our internal communication applications and Basket won two prizes from the Stevie Awards. You can get numerous awards in business life. But, like holding a position, awards also come and go.  What is permanent is to prepare a working environment where employees come and work with pleasure and a business culture that adds value to them. We will continue to design all our human resources processes in such a way that our employees will continue to say 'Fortunately I am a member of Kuveyt Turk family'.”