Kuveyt Türk speeds up its investments in technology and transformation through Architecht

Kuveyt Türk Information Techologies Group Director Mücahit Gündebahar was appointed managing director of Architect, a technology company being a 100% subsidiary of Kuveyt Türk.


Kuveyt Türk, the leading participation bank of Türkiye, expands its innovative products and services to the global scale through its technology subsidiary named Architect.   Having exported the BOA banking platform developed in its R&D Center to 20 countries, this bank now goes beyond the borders of conventional banking and focuses on platform banking, open source code banking, cloud informatics, artificial intelligence, chatbot and private biometric solutions. In order to speed up its investments in technology and transformation, Kuveyt Türk Information Techologies Group Director Mücahit Gündebahar was appointed managing director of Architect, a technology company being a 100% subsidiary of Kuveyt Türk.

Being the largest participation bank in Türkiye in terms of the volume of its assets, Kuveyt Türk keeps on growing in a stable way thanks to its investments focusing on technology and innovation.  Innovative products and services developed by this bank are marketed at domestic and international levels by Architect Bilişim Sistemleri ve Pazarlama Ticaret A.Ş. started in 2015 as a 100% subsidiary of Kuveyt Türk.

Starting out with the vision of ranking as one of the leading research, development, technology and innovation companies in Türkiye, Architect managed to rank among the largest 500 informatics company in Türkiye. Now considered as the address of new banking technologies, Architect is specialized in financial technology, security technology, alternative channel solutions, software development, support services and consulting services.

Top level appointment

Drawing a new road map for its future in its tenth anniversary of digital transformation, Kuveyt Türk takes another important step.  Mücahit Gündebahar Ph.D., having 15-year experience in banking and finance, was appointed Managing Director of Architect.  Having realized many successful projects during his 10-year tenure with Kuveyt Türk, Gündebahar’s last position was Information Technology Group Director.

Graduating from Computer Engineering Department of Istanbul University in 1997, Mücahit Gündebahar received his master’s degree in business management at Bilgi University and his doctorate degree at Haliç University. Taking up his new position as from May 2019, Mücahit Gündebahar aims to make the company more active in digitalizing the processes, developing technological products, and marketing innovative products and services at global level.

BOA Banking Platform used in 20 countries

Developed to meet the technologies and business requirements of the next decade and being the very first port-to-port embedded and multi-channel banking package, BOA Banking Platform is one of the most important products of Architect. In the present BOA Banking Platform is used by Vakıf Katılım Bankası and Emlak Katılım Bankası.

Thanks to Architect, Kuveyt Türk now export technology. To date BOA Banking Platform was exported to over 60 banks in 20 countries including Nigeria, Malesia, Indonesia and Egypt.  Architect will export software worth approximately TL 120 million until 2020 and keeps on investing in this field.

All-Turkish team of engineers

Unveiling the first R&D center established by a bank in Türkiye in 2010 and enjoying to be the first bank operating two R&D centers in Türkiye today, Kuvey Türk introduces many novelties at domestic and international level thanks to its all Turkish team of engineers.  In addition to BOA Banking Platform, Kuveyt Türk’s R&D centers developed such digitalization-based major projects as the unmanned bank branch XTM, Senin Bankan which is the first digital banking platform for participation banks in Türkiye, the application module for the first sukuk certificate public offering system in Türkiye, and the ATM dispensing gold coins.

One million digital banking customers

Increasing its works on customer satisfaction through its innovative approaches to information technologies and its digital transformation strategy, Kuveyt Türk now focusing on providing customized banking services to its over one million digital banking customers. Considering that customer safety is important more than ever, Kuveyt Türk aims to add private biometric solutions to its banking processes and works on artificial intelligence, chatbot and voice technology.

Sharing its codes and interface to the public

Having introduced the largest API Market Platform of the banking sector in 2017, Kuveyt Türk now provides all of its banking services on a single platform meeting the PSD2 (The Revised Payment Services Directive). API Market Platform is open to everyone from international companies to small- and medium-sized businesses, so that they can produce their own applications by using the financial services provided by Kuveyt Türk. Entrepreneurs willing to establish a new system and FinTech developers receive many services and information through the API Market Platform of Kuveyt Türk, so that they can start to provide services at lesser cost and in a shorter time.

The latest  example of investments made by Kuveyt Türk at home and abroad is the Open Source Code Banking. Developed in addition to is API banking application, the Open Source Code Banking application allows the public to use the user interface of the web-based BOA One platform developed by means of a new generation technology, so that Kuvey Türk aims to provide different viewpoints and to develop new projects.