Kuveyt Türk seeds 17,000 seedlings for employees and their families

Kuveyt Türk crowns its customers with 17,000 seedlings on behalf of its employees and families by providing more than 1 million units of the Sağlam Card that it has started to offer to its offer to its customers since 2017.


Kuveyt Türk, Turkey's leading participation financial institution, crowns its customers with 17,000 seedlings on behalf of its employees and families by providing more than 1 million units of the Sağlam Card that it has started to offer to its customers since 2017. The first seedlings was planted in Gebze district of Kocaeli with the participation of employees and families. When the project is completed, 10 thousand pine seedlings in Gebze and 7 thousand peanut seedlings in Kilis will meet the soil. Kuveyt Türk will also produce the Sağlam Card using recycled plastic within the scope of sustainability studies.

Standing out with its innovative products and services, Kuveyt Türk establishes a commemorative forest with its employees and families in order to contribute to environmental sustainability since the number of new generation credit card, Sağlam Card which it has started to offer to its customers since 2017, exceeds 1 million. Kuveyt Türk, which cooperates with the Environmental Organizations Solidarity Association (ÇEKUD), will bring together a total of 17,164 seedlings with soil in Kocaeli and Kilis on behalf of its employees and family members. Kuveyt Türk brought the first seedlings of the commemorative forest in Kocaeli together with the soil with an event organized with the participation of their employees and families.

7 thousand 164 peanut seedlings for farmers

At the seedling planting ceremony held in Kadıllı village of Gebze district of Kocaeli, the Deputy General Manager of Kuveyt Türk SME Banking Abdurrahman Delipoyraz and ÇEKUD President Prof. Dr. Eyüp Debik participated and planted seedlings. In addition to Kuveyt Türk employees and their families, ÇEKUD management and volunteers and General Directorate of Forestry teams also participated in the event. When the planting in Gebze is completed, a total of 10,000 pine seedlings will meet the soil. 7,164 peanut seedlings will be planted in Kilis within the scope of ÇEKUD's support project for farmers and production. Kuveyt Türk will also present Sağlam Card to its customers in the future by using recycled plastic to reduce carbon footprint and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Hundreds of trees are prevented from being cut with ‘Paperless Branch Banking’

Having implemented various social responsibility projects with its responsibility towards the environment and society, Kuveyt Türk minimizes the use of paper within the scope of the 'Paperless Branch Banking' project and continues to prevent the cutting of hundreds of trees. Kuveyt Türk, which continues to bring young seedlings together with soil thanks to its savings, continues to contribute to environmental sustainability. Kuveyt Türk currently continues to work in many different areas from environmental and social credit assessment system to green products and services, from waste management to savings planning, from integrated corporate social responsibility projects to governance priorities.

Sağlam Card is with our customers with advantageous features

While the product of Kuveyt Türk, Sağlam Card which does not have an annual card fee, offers 5 installments without maturity in the health and education sector, regularly gives a gold points of 50 TL to customers who use 200 TL or more during each statement period for 12 months and pays the statement debt on time. In addition, with the ‘later installment’ campaigns of the Sağlam Card, the expenses can be installed without any difference in terms of maturity after the purchase. With Sağlam Card, installment and gold point features, it relieves the burden of customers in their purchases. Sağlam Card also has a cash advance feature that complies with interest-free finance principles. Detailed information about sağlam card can beobtained from