Kuveyt Türk ranks second in MT finance and 10th in all talent programs

The MT (Management Trainee) program of Kuveyt Türk was among the top 10 talent programs in Türkiye in the


The MT (Management Trainee) program of Kuveyt Türk, which has been selected as Türkiye's Best Employer for four years and is on the list of Europe's Best Employers, was among the top 10 talent programs in Türkiye in the "Top100 Talent Program" competition, where 23,850 young people voted, and succeeded in being the second most admired program in the banking sector.

Standing out with the opportunities it offers to those who want to start their careers in the field of participation and finance, Kuveyt Türk's MT (Management Trainee) program, which aims to train future managers, ranked second in the banking sector and 10th among all talent programs in the "Top 100 Talent Program" competition of Top Talent, one of Türkiye's leading job posting and career platforms.

In the competition organized by the website and in which the best talent programs of the year were selected, 23 850 young talents chose among 113 talent programs by voting.

With the MT program, the managers of the future are trained

Candidates who have recently graduated from universities or who have only a year passed from their graduation date and have a very good command of English can apply to the Kuveyt Türk’s MT program. Employees included in the MT program are provided with free postgraduate support at certain universities, as well as in-class and online training opportunities that contribute to their career goals. MTs are also provided with the opportunity of in-house rotation so that they can experience different units and improve themselves. Kuveyt Türk, which started the MT program for the first time in 2007, gives weight to those who are included in the MT program when appointing managers. Positioning many of employees, who are rapidly advancing in their careers by completing the MT program, as managers both in the field and in the head office units, Kuveyt Türk entrusts managers and directorships from strategy to innovation, from individual marketing to commercial marketing to MTs.

“Our MT have their signature on projects that are the first in banking”

Vice President HR Strategy and Digital Transformation of Kuveyt Türk, Aslan Demir said, “We conduct our human resources processes with the principle of 'people first, employee first'. We launched our MT program in 2007 for young people who want to start their career journey at Kuveyt Türk. Our employees, who are included in the MT program, realize projects that set new grounds in the banking sector and have the opportunity to shape the future of Kuveyt Türk with their careers. We are grateful to our youth for their trust in the MT program so far. We invite all of young people who want to make a solid start to their careers in an environment where continuous learning and personal development are supported by unique human resources programs and who want to work in a workplace where they can feel "fortunately" every day, to follow the Kuveyt Türk MT program closely.”