Kuveyt Türk ranks among the best employers in Türkiye

Great Place to Work Institute, one of the most prestigious organizations involved in human resources in the world, announced its Best Workplaces in Türkiye 2018 list.


Kuveyt Türk made it to Top 3 in the “2000+ Employees” category of the Best Workplaces in Türkiye list and was also given the special award of Best Finance Employer.

The Best Workplaces in Türkiye 2018 list, organized by Great Place to Work Institute for the sixth time in Türkiye, was announced. Leading the banking industry’s progress thanks to its innovative products and services, Kuveyt Türk made it to Top 3 in the “2000+ Employees” category of the Best Workplaces in Türkiye list.  Furthermore, Kuveyt Türk was both given the special award of Best Finance Employer and achieved the one and only participation bank that made it to the list.

Common values as the main force binding people to the brand

Commenting on the award, Aslan Demir, Vice President Strategy, HR and Digital Conversion Kuveyt Türk, said: “It is great happiness for us to rank among the best workplaces in Türkiye. In Kuveyt Türk we believe the main force binding people to the brand is common values. In this context we focus on ensuring our staff to have the best experience through our employer brand Iyi ki, and gather all elements that affect employees’ lives, ranging from business results to performance, training and development to volunteerism, physical working space to corporate culture, under a single roof. We believe the loyalty of the staff is not an outcome but a process, and continue the journey we started in 2008 when we issued a strategy policy focusing on Customer Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction with consistent efforts made by all personnel including top management. We set off to this journey by emphasizing employees first and humans first, and aim higher day after day by introducing trailblazing applications in this industry. Sepetim, the flexible social benefits program we introduced to the banking industry, the summer attire convenience again we introduced, the warm communication system between management and staff not obstructed by any hierarchy, and the flexible working model balancing working and private lives significantly contribute to the employees’ loyalty to this bank.”

“Our flexible social benefits program Sepetim, greatly appreciated by the employees, defines some of the benefits as flexible ones, so that employees are entitled to select the benefits suiting their needs and the budget created in this way can be used for meeting other needs. The application entitled Iyi Ki Mobil was activated this year to provide an interactive platform on which employees can communicate with each other.  Top management sends the strategic messages to the staff through this platform, and the staff share their precious moments with each other on this platform.  We also hold meetings called Hasbihal where employees meet the Managing Director, Deputy Managing Directors and department managers, so that the management executives talk about their experiences and the employees express their ideas to management. Furthermore, Önce Çalışan Committees formed by employees from different departments, functions, titles and seniorities act as the staff’s voice heard by top management.”

Divided into five categories entitled 20-50, 50-250, 250-500, 500-2000, and 2000+ employees, the Best Workplaces in Türkiye 2018 list admitted companies having the properties qualifying the best employers including a corporate culture providing a high human touch. Employees’ opinions about the corporate culture and HR practices of their employers were assessed under the headings Reliability, Respect, Fairness, Pride and Team Spirit.