Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank broke another new ground!

Kuveyt Türk lets its customers have an extraordinary banking experience with its "XTM" concept which enables self-service banking via video calls.


The latest innovation about XTMs developed by Turkish engineers concerns particularly over 3 million hearing-impaired individuals in Türkiye. All XTM branches of Kuveyt Türk all over the country will provide all disabled people with banking services in sign language, whether they are customers or not.

Pioneering the industry with the projects it has been developing with a focus on digital transformation and technology, Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank developed the ground-breaking XTMs in 2013, which combine the practicality of ATMs and the plenty of services rendered in the branches. Also enabling self-service banking via video calls, XTMs are in high demand by the customers with their functionality and pleasure. Offering an extraordinary experience to its customers, Kuveyt Türk will break a new ground and provide services in sign language in XTMs.

"With the rise in digitalization, our customers' expectations change"

XTMs developed in Kuveyt Türk's R&D centers and the banking services in sign language for the hearing impaired were introduced to press members on a press meeting held on Friday on December 14, 2018. Kuveyt Türk's Vice President of Retail Banking, Mehmet Oral, began his speech by noting that customers' expectations from bank branches have changed with the rise in digitalization around the world. Mehmet Oral said, "Today's customers expect both faster and more continuous services from their banks and care for face-to-face communication with their banks. We are rendering a service exactly in this direction with our innovative XTM devices which we initially started producing in 2013 in Türkiye and have enhanced since. Our customers can contact our call center via our XTM devices and perform their banking transactions quickly, easily and safely through video calls. Thanks to the XTMs that we have positioned as digital banking channels, we create new employment opportunities."

"Banking services in sign language with one touch"

Mehmet Oral stated that they have developed the 'sign language banking' by aiming to turn the video communication feature of XTMs into a positive value for the hearing impaired, and said, "Our hearing impaired customers can start all banking transactions with one touch. Whether our customer or not, when a hearing impaired citizen video-calls our call center via our XTM branches, a sign language interpreter will answer that call. If they do not have an account in our bank, they can open one in a short time. Our customers can easily carry out many banking transactions ranging from money transfer to precious metal trading. We aim to make life easier for more than 3 million hearing-impaired citizens with sign language banking."

"Our projects for the disabled will continue"

Mehmet Oral stated that banking application in sign language is a result of Kuveyt Türk's understanding of corporate social responsibility along with technology and innovation to which Kuveyt Türk attaches great importance, and expressed, "We believe that we will create awareness in the entire society through this service that we provide for the hearing-impaired citizens via XTMs. Moreover, as Kuveyt Türk, one of our biggest goals is to provide high quality banking services for the disabled both in our traditional branches and via our XTMs. In addition to projects for the hearing impaired, we are also developing projects for visually-impaired and physically-handicapped citizens.

"Thanks to XTMs, participation banking will reach new audiences"

Pointing out that XTMs can be opened even in very small locations compared to traditional branches and thus they can have access to areas where it's possible to open a branch, Deputy General Manager Mehmet Oral said, "As Kuveyt Türk, we strive to contribute to the development of both our bank and participation banking to be accessible by all segments of society." In the future, we will focus on our XTM branches in addition to our traditional branches. In this way, more citizens can benefit from all the advantages of the digital world without leaving their neighborhood."

"Turkish engineers have developed XTMs"

The Information Technologies Group Manager of Kuveyt Türk, Mücahit Gündebahar, stated that the digital transformation journey started by Kuveyt Türk 10 years ago constitutes the basis of XTM project, and said, "We were the first to establish an R&D center in the banking industry in Türkiye. Today, we're the only bank with two R&D centers in Türkiye. We actualize very important projects with our Turkish engineers, and we export these developed technologies to many countries. Our XTM branches that were developed with this vision are among our ground-breaking pioneer projects in Türkiye."

XTM by figures

  • Kuveyt Türk opened its first XTM in 2013 and now has 51 XTMs in 9 cities.
  • 35 XTMs are expected to be commissioned in 5 new cities in 2019.
  • XTMs are available in 3 languages: Turkish, English, Arabic.
  • Whether our customer or not, more than 3 million hearing-impaired people can benefit from this service in sign language.
  • Thanks to XTM, Kuvyet Türk has gained nearly 60 thousand new customers to date.
  • The amount of funds collected by XTM branches has exceeded 750 million TL to date.
  • The amount of funds collected by XTM branches increased by 92 percent compared to the end of 2017.
  • The number of video calls to Kuveyt Türk's XTM Call Center exceeded 127.000 calls.
  • 65 percent of the incoming calls were answered within the first 20 seconds.