Kuveyt Türk moves its ‘Export Price Acceptance Certificate’ service to digital

Standing out with its innovative products and services, Kuveyt Türk has made an important innovation that will make the work of exporting companies easier.


With Kuveyt Türk's new service, which is a first in the field of participation finance, Export Price Acceptance Certificate transactions can now be made through the ‘internet branch’ as well as the physical branch.

Kuveyt Türk, Turkey's leading participation financial institution, continues to make the lives of its customers easier with the products and services it develops. Kuveyt Türk, which has focused on production, export and investment, has realized a first in the field of participation finance and announced that Export Price Acceptance Certificate (IBKB) transactions can now be made online through the ‘internet branch’ without going to the physical branch. Export Price Acceptance Certificate transactions, which previously could only be made through physical branches, can now be made both more economically and more quickly and easily through the internet branch. Thanks to this service, Kuveyt Türk customers can organize and list İBKB through the internet branch as well as the physical branch and follow the processes digitally.

Which exporting companies will benefit from the service?

The Export Price Acceptance Certificate (IBKB) is a document that ensures that the export prices are brought to the country and that the foreign currency is sold to the Central Bank through the banks at the rate specified in the Export Circular. Companies can sell foreign currency at the exchange rates announced within the hours determined by the CBRT while benefiting from the relevant service. Kuveyt Türk also offers the option to create IBKB in USD-EURO-GBP currencies. With the new service that can be performed through the internet branch, the IBKB transactions can be viewed and listed. In order to benefit from the relevant service, the customs declaration of the companies has been formed and the export price has to be paid to the account. All SMEs, commercial and corporate customers who export from the service can benefit.