Kuveyt Türk Mobile Branch renovated

Leading participation bank in Türkiye, Kuveyt Türk makes the life easier for its clients with its improved mobile branch office.


Now, the mobile branch further increases the login security for the users thanks to Face ID and Touch ID features. Standing out with its new interface, the mobile branch also enables the user to customize the display based on frequently used banking transactions.

Leading participation bank in Türkiye with its innovative products and services, Kuveyt Türk reveals its strength in the digital banking once again with its renovated mobile branch. Completed with new features allowing Kuveyt Türk clients to carry out their banking transactions much more easily and securely, the mobile branch now offers life-hack services.

With its reshaped login and main pages, the mobile branch enables the users to view and organize their most recent transactions, financials, card and account details on the main display thanks to its new face. The users can customize their main displays as they wish with movable contents.

Mobile notification feature is another plus of the mobile branch which instantly notifies the user with money transfers from and to their accounts. Not forgetting the special days of the users such as birthdays, the mobile branch is offered with 81 different appearance in 81 provinces thanks to customizable location feature.

Newly added features, Face ID and Touch ID, allow the user to perform their transactions more securely by making a second security verification though face detection and fingerprint reading supported by iOS. Thanks to its instants password / forgot my password, SIM unblock menus, it is now instant to get password for the first time, change the password or unblock the SIM from mobile branch.