Kuveyt Türk met with agriculture-oriented initiatives

Kuveyt Türk, which continues its activities in order to support agriculture-oriented initiatives and contribute to their development, organized an event where entrepreneurs presented their innovative ideas.


Following Kuveyt Türk's call for agriculture-oriented startups, the six startups selected will have access to opportunities such as new customer acquisition, easy access to finance, access to investment networks and corporate cooperation.

Kuveyt Türk, Turkey's leading participation financial institution, continues to work to support agricultural-oriented initiatives and contribute to their development. Calling for innovative ideas to be provided for agriculture-oriented startups through Fikrinn Platform, which it established to support innovative ideas, Kuveyt Türk evaluated the applications made as part of the call with the jury members. After the evaluation, 6 startups were selected and presented their initiatives by participating in the Demoday event held at Kuveyt Türk's innovation center Innhouse. At the event, which was attended by Kuveyt Türk employees as well as its affiliates KT Portföy and Lonca Entrepreneurship Center teams, entrepreneurs talked about their products and adventures.

“We will continue to support agriculture-focused ideas and initiatives”

Kuveyt Türk’s SME Banking Executive Vice President Abdurrahman Delipoyraz stated “We are not only providing innovative solutions and services to your customers in the field of agricultural banking, but also strive to contribute to the entrepreneurship ecosystem. In this direction, we have made a call through the Fikrinn Platform in recent months to support agriculture-oriented initiatives and to be with them on their growth journey. Our jury members meticulously evaluated the ideas and selected 6 agriculture-focused initiatives. With this event, the first seeds of new potential collaborations were laid. We are excited to be together with the initiatives that serve the agricultural sector and contribute to digitalization in agriculture. We would like to thank the team members of the 6 initiatives that are with us today and share their presentations with the participants, and wish them continued success. We will continue to support innovative ideas and initiatives focused on agriculture. ”

Successful startups will have the opportunity to cooperate with Kuveyt Türk

Among the 6 startups presenting at the event, Neekersen was presented with the 'Special Jury Award' as part of its cooperation with Kuveyt Türk, and the 'Special Sustainability Award‘ for offering a sustainability-based solution to the 3pmetrics initiative. Achievement awards were given to Görsentam, Agriofinans, Agriovisio and Agrotics. The initiatives selected by the jury address areas such as sustainability in agriculture and livestock, organic agriculture and good agricultural practices, high agricultural technologies, agricultural-oriented digital marketplace, and smart agricultural practices. The selected startups will be offered the opportunity to acquire customers, easy access to finance, access to investment networks, and opportunities to cooperate with Kuveyt Türk and its affiliates.

The fields of activity of the 6 startups entering the degree are as follows:

Neekersen: It is a business partner of farmers, which privodes agricultural services with products such as Ne Para, Ne Lazım, Ne Biçer, Ne  İş, Ne Eksek and Köy Kahvesi. The platform, which brings farmers together in the digital environment with village coffee, becomes a solution partner for farmers in terms of machine rental, agricultural input supply, smart agricultural solutions and many more.

3pmetrics: 3pmetrics develops software to analyze and calculate the environmental, social and governance risks of companies and to produce instant reports and take action. Carbon footprint (ISO14064), water footprint calculation and reporting (ISO14046) software, ESG analysis and scoring software are among the main services.

Görsentam: It offers artificial intelligence-supported forecasting and early warning system to agricultural enterprises. It processes the climate data collected from the land and the trap images taken from the digital pheromone trap with deep learning models and informs the manufacturer when to spray and which pesticide to use when it is time to spray through the mobile application.

Agriofinance: The Agrio platform includes payment, resource management and production support solutions for all actors in the agricultural production chain. The farmers reduce their financing costs along the agricultural value chain, which extends to agricultural companies that receive contracted products, fertilizers, feed or pharmaceutical dealers, and even machinery and equipment suppliers.

Agriovisio: Agriovisio is a digital farming platform that helps farmers and agribusinesses make data-driven decisions through satellite and drone observations.

Agrotics: Agrotics is an agtech platform that supports sustainability and edible agriculture and works as a virtual assistant for farmers. It is collecting data 24/7 to offer the best insight in changing climate conditions, making sense of the data, creating memory and helping its user to make the most accurate decisions.