Kuveyt Türk makes its source codes available for use all over the world!

Standing out with its technology and innovation investments, Kuveyt Türk is now introducing another innovation with its Open Source Code Banking application.


Providing free access from all over the world to the codes developed by it in the open source code projects, Kuveyt Türk is aiming to make an important contribution to open source ecosystem.

Leading participation bank in Türkiye, Kuveyt Türk offers part of its source codes in the projects developed by it to the open source ecosystem through its Open Source Code Banking. Making the codes publicly accessible via GitHub applicable, Kuveyt Türk both makes its inhouse technology culture closer to the open source ecosystem and is aiming to make contribution to the ecosystem through its products and technologies.

Stating that, through their Open Source Code Banking application, they have made it possible to access, test and enhance the source codes from any part of the world, Mücahit Gündebahar, KT IT Group Manager said, “We continue our techno-innovations with our products developed at our R&D centers. It is estimated that the market for the open source code services we have introduced for the first time in Türkiye, which are also inspiring innovation and reputation would double within four years.  With our Open Source Code Banking application that we have introduce in addition to our API banking application, we are making available for use by everyone the user interface of our web-based BOA One platform developed with new-gen technologies. Thanks to that application which will allow us to have a community belonging to us, we will also be able to reach new human resources, get different perspectives and develop new projects.”

Ability to work fast from any part of the world

Open source code application offers many benefits to companies. These benefits especially include the recruitment and orientation process. While orientation accounts for a remarkable item of costs for the businesses in case of traditional recruitment, such process goes faster in a project based on open source code. Orientation process is shortened to a grater extent as the candidates are selected and recruited from the community. Since the open source code projects allow for remote work, the developers from around the world are able to work faster. In addition, open source code application results in a higher return in terms of time, quality, performance and reliability.

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