Kuveyt Turk looks for the executives of tomorrow

Applications for MT 2018 and Techno MT programs by which management trainees in banking and information at Kuveyt Türk will be identified have started. Applicants are also provided with professional training, individual career planning and career management support as well as the opportunity to pursue MBA, postgraduate and doctorate programs financed by Kuveyt Türk.

Growing the executives of the future for the last 12 years through the most competitive MT (Management Trainee) program in Türkiye, Kuveyt Türk is opening its doors for the candidates who have successfully graduated from the leading Turkish universities, as part of its MT program. The candidates screened through MT 2018 program will pursue basic banking and personal development education as well as cross-departmental training at Kuveyt Türk.
Following the intensive training process, the candidates are able to pursue their careers at branch offices or head office departments depending on the assessment & evaluation during the training sessions and based on their career targets. MTs candidates recruited under the program are also offered MBA programs to be financed by Kuveyt Türk. MTs also enjoying Kuveyt Türk support for individual career planning and career management can also benefit competitive and performance-based remuneration and other fringe benefits.
IT leaders are also looked for
Techno MT program at Kuveyt Türk is designed for the IT leaders of the future who are willing to pursue their careers as software engineer, data analyst and business analyst. Colesely interested in the fields such as API banking, blockchain, cryptology, data security, artificial intelligence, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), internet of objects (IoT), Kuveyt Türk is aiming to further increase its success thanks to Techno MTs the Bank will grow in these fields as the only Turkish bank having two R&D centers.
Kuveyt Türk is providing the Techno MTs with professional education, postgraduate and doctorate support as well as offering opportunities enabling them to obtain PMP, CBAP, MCPD, MCSA, TOGAF technical certificates. Techno MTs who are offered to take part in the projects at Kuveyt Türk’s R&D centers are also supporter in case of their patent applications. Techno MTs can also benefit from competitive and performance-based compensation and other benefits.
Application deadline is 9 April 2018

Recruitment process as part of MT 2018 and Techno MT programs of Kuveyt Türk will start with the introduction of new program and English language exam. Candidates who are successful in the exam shall be admitted to the evaluation center applications conducted by Kuveyt Türk career and recruitment team. Following the process involving simulation, presentation, group work, technical examination and other assessment tools, the MT and Techno MT candidates shall be elected through panel interview by the senior management at Kuveyt Türk.
Applications may be submitted for MT 2018 and Techno MT programs of Kuveyt Türk no later than 9 April 2018 via