Kuveyt Turk invites students to discover through Kasif Program

Kuveyt Turk provides students who want to improve their skills in finance and economics and who are interested in participation banking with an opportunity to be trained and to gain experience in Kasif (Discoverer) Program.


Launched last year and presented for the second time this year, this program aims to ensure students to increase their knowledge and level of awareness of participation banking. Students may apply to Kasif Program online in until 13 October 2017.

Kuveyt Turk, the pioneering and innovative participation bank of Türkiye, presents Kasif (Discoverer) Program to continue to support training, following its previous programs Techno MT (Management Trainee) and Techno Campus.  Kuveyt Turk launched this program in 2016 and presents it for the second time this year, aiming to attract students who want to improve their skills in finance and economics and who are interested in participation banking to this program.

Fourth year students of faculties of engineering, economics or business management are eligible to apply online to the Kuveyt Turk Kasif Program, so that applicants to be considered qualified will be admitted to Kasif Program.  Admitted trainees will be trained at Sales and Marketing Teams of Kuveyt Turk’s branches in the first three months of this program before being transferred to various departments of the head office. Thus trainees will be given an opportunity to gain experience in various fields of participation banking. Trainees who successfully complete the Kuveyt Turk Kasif Program will be given priority for being recruited to MT and some other positions. Applicants may apply online in until 13 October 2017.

Techno MT (Management Trainee), another training program of Kuveyt Turk, provides new graduates of faculties of engineering or young people who have worked for maximum three years with an opportunity to improve their skills in the information technology field of banking and to become management executives of the future.

On the other hand, Techno Campus allows students to work part-time at least one day a week at Banking and Living Base of Kuveyt Turk during their education to gain experience and to increase their knowledge. Both programs give their trainees priority to be recruited by this bank, depending on their performance, after they graduated from their faculties.