Kuveyt Türk Invites Management Executives of The Future

Kuveyt Türk Introduces the ‘MT 2017’ Program Allowing Recruited Trainees to Train, Work and Study MBA at The Same Time at Kuveyt Türk’s Account.


Providing the most competitive Management Trainee (MT) program of Türkiye to trainees every year, Kuveyt Türk now introduces a brand new MT program to look for ‘management executives of the future’. Developing the idea “executives of the future are management trainees of today”, Kuveyt Türk introduces the ‘MT 2017’ program allowing recruited trainees to train, work and study MBA at the same time at Kuveyt Türk’s account.

This year Kuveyt Türk provides the most competitive MT program of Türkiye once again to groom management executives who would continue its success in the future and carry forward this bank’s competitive strength to the future. The new MT 2017 program of Kuveyt Türk expects the trainees who achieved to pass the selection stage to complete their basic banking and personal development training program.

Trainees will work at various departments of this bank by rotation as part of their training program, and will receive feedback at both during and after the assessment stage to get to know themselves closer. After completing the training program, trainees will have the chance of continuing their careers at branch or head office departments of this bank in accordance with their career targets and with results of the measurements and assessments to be performed for them during the training.

Free of charge MBA opportunity

Kuveyt Türk has been providing this MT program successfully for 11 years, and its training policy distinguishes this program from the other MT programs. Trainees recruited after completing the MT program are allowed to study MBA at Kuveyt Türk’s account in parallel with their training and careers, and the content of its Kuveyt Türk Special MT Training Program, designed by some leading training service providers is trendsetting too. Kuveyt Türk provides MTs with professional and individual career planning and management support, and its career representatives closely monitor the trainees. MTs also enjoy a competitive and performance-based salary and benefits.

Deadline for applications is April 24!

The Kuveyt Türk MT 2017 program will be started with a presentation of this new program and an English proficiency exam.  Applicants who pass the exam will be invited to the assessment center applications performed by the Kuveyt Türk Career and Recruitment Team.  These applications consist of simulation, presentation, teamwork and other tools, and after they are completed, the applicants to be recruited will be selected. This last stage is distinguished in being the most professional MT selection process applied in Türkiye. Kuveyt Türk recruits new talents every year through its Human Resources Department and its special career planning support.

Applications may be sent from website until April 24, 2016, Monday.