Kuveyt Türk grows its hope with ‘1s’

Having supported the projects contributing to the mankind and society since its establishment, Kuveyt Türk still continues its support to the “Support for Hope Project” of the Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer (KAÇUV).


As part of the campaign, Kuveyt Türk will donate 1 TL  per transaction using Kuveyt Türk debit cards between April 23-29 to 2nd Family House project of KAÇUV on behalf of its clients.

Since 2013, Kuveyt Türk has been supporting the Support for Hope project conducted by KAÇUV in an effort to raise awareness of cancer and to become hope for children treated for cancer. As part of the campaign that takes place during the April 23 National Sovereignty and Children Festivities Week each year, Kuveyt Türk will donate 1 TL  per transaction using any Kuveyt Türk debit credit cards between April 23-29 to 2nd Family House project of KAÇUV on behalf of its clients with the motto “we are growing with the hope conveying 1TLs to millions”.

Speaking at the ceremony held for the campaign, Aslan Demir, Asst. General Manager in charge of HR, Strategy and Digital Transformation at Kuveyt Türk was quoted as saying: “We, as Kuveyt Türk, are aiming to add a value to our country with each step we took. Because, we believe it is our values that is the most vital asset and that grow and  shape us. It is our tradition and folkway to extend our hands to the suffering ones. We have always acted and will always act with the understanding “human being, our primary responsibility”. Keeping this in mind, since 2013, we have been supporting Family House of KAÇUV where the children with cancer can stay together with their families during their treatment. In an effort to contribute to the 2nd Family House of KAÇUV, the foundation of which has been laid last week, we continue our campaign this year as well. We will donate 1TL per transaction using debit cards irrespective of the amount, on behalf of our clients for the benefit of our children treated for cancer. As Kuveyt Türk, we have since extended a helping hand of 1 million 629 thousand TL to our children treated for cancer by growing the hope with 1 TLs. This year, too, we expect huge participation and attention from our clients and on this very occasion, we would like to extend our gratitude to them who always went along with in the charity race.”

Foundation has been laid for the Second Family House

The KAÇUV Family House put into service in 2012 through campaigns launched by Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer (KAÇUV) and also supported by Istanbul Governor’s Office is a center that offers free-of-charge accommodation, food, cleaning, social facilities, kitchen and partially clothing to children with cancer and their families coming to Istanbul from other provinces that are in need during the course of their treatment in Istanbul. KAÇUV Family House is supporting the children and their parents during that hard times by offering psychological support to them. The groundbreaking ceremony for the Second Family House of KAÇUV which shall be opened to become hope for more children and families was held in Pendik district on 18 April 2018. To be built as a 6-story building, the second family house will have 22 rooms where 22 families can stay. Each floor will have 4 family rooms and the topmost floor will have a large playroom and there will also be workshop area, classrooms, computer room and psychologist room.