Kuveyt Turk Finds Holy Ramadan More Beautiful Than Commercial Spots

Traditionally, Kuveyt Türk has done its part also in this Ramadan and welcomed the Ramadan with a unique commercial spot.


Produced by Gram Istanbul, the commercial spot has filmed real dining tables and not the finely set up and lighted Ramadan tables. Not the families sitting down to the sahur in the dawn but the people having difficulty in waking up and tumbling out of bed fearing that they have missed it have been displayed.

In addition to two-day filming, some videos appeared on internet were also used with the permission of their owners.

Making the spot zones colorful with its “real” concept used this year, Kuveyt Türk seems to take great attention with its Holy Ramadan shot, as well. The spot says “Now it is time for Ramadan” and invites the viewers to enjoy the real and intimate sharings and beauties.

Campaign Details

  • Advertiser: Kuveyt Türk Katılım Bankası
  • Advertiser’s Reps: Enes Acar, Fırat Keçili, Rumeysanur Erikli
  • Advertising Agency: Gram İstanbul
  • Creative Director: Tarık Akın
  • Agency Chairman: Nurcan Yıldız
  • Creative Crew: Serhan Özden, Tolga Akın
  • Customer Relations: Simla Pamuk, Yeliz Tezcan, Ulviye Yılmaz
  • Producer Firm: ATL Yapım
  • Director: Ali Kaan Dinç
  • Music: Mono Jingles / Arda Algül
  • Media: TV, Newspapers, Periodicals, Radio, Outdoor, Internet