Kuveyt Türk Brings Elegance of Traditional Arts to the Lovers of Art

Kuveyt Türk shows its respect to the mother-of-pearl, metal engraving, wooden decoupage art and calligraphy, the rare examples of the traditional Turkish-Islamic art, with its “Vefa Exhibition” named “50th Age, 50th Exhibition 50 Works”


The design and writings of all the works of the exhibition that shall meet the lovers of art at Kuveyt Türk Esentepe Headquarters Building Exhibition Hall between May 18 - 25 belong to Mesut Dikel...

Kuveyt Türk attaches importance to protection of our cultural heritage and transfer of it from the past into the future, too, just as it attaches importance to development of the participation banking sector. With this sensitivity, Kuveyt Türk brings the lovers of art with immemorial beauty of the traditional Turkish-Islamic art through the exhibition of the master artist Mesut Dikel named “50th Age, 50th Exhibition 50 Works” consisting of the mother-of-pearl, metal engraving, wooden decoupage art and calligraphy works. In the exhibition to be opened on May 18, 2017, at Kuveyt Türk’s Esentepe Headquarters Building, Mesut Dikel’s 30-year artistic experience will meet aesthetic of writing, elegance of wood and nobility of metal.

Mesut Dikel creates successful works not only in calligraphy art but also illuminated manuscript, art of water marbling, wooden decoupage, paper filigree art, the mother-of-pearl, metal engraving, and in many miscellaneous disciplines of art such as painting, water color painting, airbrush, graphical design, photograph and illustration. The exhibition named “50th Age, 50th Exhibition 50 Works” that Mesut Dikel dedicated to his master Prof. Dr. Zeki Kuşoğlu brings the magic lines of the past until today. The exhibition that may be visited until May 25, Thursday covers 50 pieces of Dikel including the mother-of-pearl, metal engraving, wooden decoupage art and calligraphy works.

Giving information on the exhibition, Kuveyt Türk CEO Ufuk Uyan said: “As Kuveyt Türk, we are honored to exhibit the works of a master artist such as Mesut Dikel, to bring the knowledge and experience of the artist to the lovers of art. With our core business field being finance, we do not only contribute to development of the banking sector, but also strongly believe in the importance of encouraging our cultural heritage taking the social values as basis. We try to fulfill the task of our part on this issue deservedly with our traditional exhibitions. We would like to thank Mesut Dikel, the master artist, who provided us with the opportunity to share with the lovers of art these unique works he designed with his heart.