‘Konuşmaya Değer’ podcast series is live on World Art Day!

Acting with the understanding of "We are growing with our values", Kuveyt Türk published a new podcast series moderated by writer and screenwriter Tarık Tufan with the participation of 7 master artists.


The podcast series ‘Konuşmaya Değer’ is meeting with the audience through podcast platforms, especially Spotify. In the series, which aims to share traditional Turkish arts with young generations, artists convey their knowledge, experience and ideas.

Kuveyt Türk, who continues to carry out cultural and art projects to preserve social values through art and to transfer them to future generations, Fuat Başar in calligraphy, Hikmet Barutçugil in water marbling, Gülçin Anmaç in miniature, Hasan Aycın in drawing, Ayşe Özkan in tile art, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Hakkı Turabi in religious music and Ömer Faruk Aksoy in photograph were the guests in the podcast series 'Konuşmaya Değer’. The podcast series, which was hosted by 7 artists, writer and screenwriter Tarık Tufan, met with the audience as of April 15th, World Art Day.

In the podcast series, which reflects the history and understanding of our ancient civilization, 7 valuable artists specializing in different branches of art convey their knowledge, experience and experiences to the audience with life stories.  ‘Konuşmaya Değer’ podcast series is available on platforms such as SpotifyApple Podcasts, Google Podcast , YouTube, SoundCloud, Turkcell Magazine.

Fuat Başar, the calligrapher and marbling artist who has drawn the tughra of many heads of state and ministers, especially the Emperor of Japan, the President of Malaysia, the King of Saudi Arabia, conveys the journey of heart filled with calligraphy and marbling in the ’Konuşmaya Değer’ podcast series.

The Master water marbling artist Hikmet Barutçugil, who has opened 119 personal and 122 mixed exhibitions at home and abroad in order to promote and spread Turkish water marbling art, shares his journey of marbling art that started in Süleymaniye with the audience. Barutçugil also conveys his experiences, including calligraphy, ornamentation, miniature, and other traditional arts, to the audience.

In Konuşmaya Değer, the secrets of the miniature, which adds color to the manuscripts with its unique colors, detailed drawings and interesting stories, meet the audience with the narration of Gülçin Anmaç.

Artist Hasan Aycın, who has been drawing and thinking for 41 years with his unique style and adding meaning to the time he lives with his line, conveys his knowledge, approach and experiences to the audience.

The side of art that gives peace to the soul and the depths of tile artist Ayşe Özkan, who is one of the students of Dr. Süheyl Ünver and passed through the training of Memmune Birkan, shares it with the audience.

Sound and nomography artist Prof. Dr. Ahmet Hakkı Turabi also tells about his academy-based musical journey and the place of music, which is as old as human history, in our ancient tradition.

Documentary filmmaker and photographer Ömer Faruk Aksoy brings together his experience-filled documentary life and the story of photographs taken around the world with the audience in the Konuşmaya Değer podcast series.

Podcast series about business and career life: İyi ki Anlattın

Kuveyt Türk, which is among the best employers in Turkey and was selected as the ‘Europe's first ranked best employer’, published the 8-part podcast series titled ‘İyi ki Anlattın‘ last month, where the ideas and experiences about the business and career life of his employees are shared. In each episode, the podcast series, where employees working in different departments of Kuveyt Türk are speakers, includes topics such as business life, career planning, talent development, future planning, social responsibility. The İyi ki Anlattın podcast series can be listened to on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcats, Google Podcast, YouTube, SoundCloud, Turkcell Magazine.