Investment Opportunities and Cooperation Areas webinar between Türkiye and Kuwait took place

Attending the webinar on “Investment Opportunities and Cooperation Areas Between Türkiye and Kuwait”, Kuveyt Türk General Manager Ufuk Uyan stated that Kuveyt Türk is one of the best examples of Kuwait's successful investments in Türkiye.


In his speech, Uyan shared the services they offer to their foreign customers and their future visions with the participants.

The "Investment Opportunities and Cooperation Areas in Türkiye" webinar was held with the cooperation of the Presidency Investment Office, Turkish Embassy in Kuwait and Kuwait Finance House. Kuveyt Türk General Manager Ufuk Uyan, who participated as a speaker at the online panel attended by important names such as Türkiye's Ambassador to Kuwait Ayşe Hilal Sayan Koytak, Kuwait's Ambassador to Ankara Ghassan Yousef Al Zawawi and Kuwait Finance House Chairman Hamad Abdulmohsen Al Marzouq, where investment opportunities in Türkiye were discussed, talked about their work in the field of participation finance, the services they offer to foreign customers and their future projections.

Stating that Kuveyt Türk, Türkiye's leading participation finance institution, is one of the good examples of Kuwait's successful investments in Türkiye, Uyan said, " With our strong and healthy growing capital structure, we offer high quality and fast banking services through our 439 branches and digital channels throughout Türkiye. While we maintain our leading position in the sector with our customer-oriented approach, technology-innovation works and steps we have taken on the way of digital transformation, we also serve our foreign customers with a deep experience and expert staff. We offer our customers in the Private Banking segment a privileged service with Turkish, English and Arabic language options.”

Talking about the investment products and financial solutions they offer to their foreign customers, Uyan underlined that the customers who will invest in real estate and other fields in our country, especially from the Gulf countries, make these transactions among Kuveyt Türk-supported projects, which will provide them with an additional assurance in the ongoing projects. Uyan also said that they helped their foreign customers with their questions about taxes, company establishment, evaluation of international contracts, expense sharing, real estate purchase and sale, legal questions and citizenship law.

Touching on their vision for the future in his speech, Uyan said: “We shape our strategies in three main dimensions in line with our future vision and priorities. These are financial health, customer experience and digitalization. In terms of financial health, we will continue our way with the principle of sustainable profitable growth in the future. On the customer side, we focus on designing our processes to meet changing customer expectations in order to maximize customer satisfaction and experience. In order to compete in the banking sector, we are implementing our strategic projects one by one in digital channels. We aim to create value with solutions such as chatbot and voice technologies and to be the pioneer of new generation banking.”