In seventh term, Lonca Entrepreneurship Center graduated 13 startups

The seventh term program has been completed at the Lonca Entrepreneurship Center.


The seventh term program has been completed at the Lonca Entrepreneurship Center, which Kuveyt Türk implemented to support and develop new ideas and bring them to the country's economy. In addition to training and mentoring support, 13 startups selected among hundreds of applications were provided with many opportunities such as a multi-location shared office, a grant of up to 50 thousand TL, and an extra 15 thousand TL R&D support to startups developing devices.

Lonca Entrepreneurship Center, which was established by Kuveyt Türk in 2017 in order to develop innovative business ideas and bring them into the country's economy, gave its seventh term graduates this year. The Lonca Demoday event, which was moderated by journalist Timur Sırt on Thursday, June 9, 2022, at Workinton Levent 199, attracted great attention. At the event attended by Kuveyt Türk and Lonca employees, trainers, mentors and angel investors, entrepreneurs talked about their adventures.

Lonca Entrepreneurship Center, which cares for startups to focus on their projects, provides cash grant support of up to 50 thousand TL to each startup during the program and an extra 15 thousand TL R&D support to startups that develop devices. As part of the seventh term acceleration program, in which trainings carried out in the digital environment and organized in the form of camps are added, entrepreneurs were given the opportunity to participate in national and international competitions, a virtual server opportunity of 10 thousand dollars, mentoring and consultancy support from experts in their fields, and marketing and promotion support. Also, entrepreneurs who graduated from the Lonca will have priority in applying to the Lonca Venture Capital Investment Fund, which was established by KT Portfolio to invest in startups and invested 75 million TL by Kuveyt Türk in the past few days.

"We are among the most effective incubation centers and startup acceleration programs in our country"

In his speech at the Demoday event, Kuveyt Türk Strategy and Innovation Group Manager, and Lonca Entrepreneurship Center Management Board Member Dr Selman Ortaköy, said “Through our Lonca Entrepreneurship Center, we support entrepreneurs with technology-oriented and scalable business ideas to transform their project ideas into commercial activities with a sustainable model. Although it was founded about 5 years ago, Lonca managed to become one of the most effective incubation centers and startup acceleration programs in our country in a short time. With the support we provide to entrepreneurs accepted to the Lonca, we enable entrepreneurs to focus on their business. For this purpose, we provide cash grant support of up to 50 thousand TL that they can use both in product development processes and in emergency expenses, and we do not buy any shares or options for this support. We provide R&D support of 15 thousand TL to startups that develop devices. We congratulate our entrepreneurs who successfully completed the seventh term and wish them success in the upcoming period. Centers such as the Lonca contribute greatly to the growth and development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in our country. We believe that these activities in the field of entrepreneurship are one of the most important investments made in our country and our future, and we hope that the number of these centers will increase.”

13 startups that successfully completed the seventh term incubation program of the Lonca Entrepreneurship Center and their fields of activity:

Anneler Satıyor: It is a social marketplace platform powered by artificial intelligence that meets all the daily needs of mothers.

Biriktir: It is a project that reduces costs and carbon footprint by providing company-local government-citizen cooperation, while earning rewards as it recycles all over the world.

BRB: It is a computer sharing platform where players can play any game online from any smart screen by avoiding hardware costs and update times, and powerful gaming PC owners can earn income by renting their computers when not in use.

Coridor: It is a mobile application that enables young people to reach social responsibility projects that they like by using gamification method and enables brands with projects to establish customer loyalty and measure projects by establishing bonds with young people.

Cyou Live: It is a global distance learning application that works like a social network, focused on popular workforce skills and job acquisition for adults from all over the world.

Devamapp: It is a mobility marketplace application that brings together electric scooters, hourly car rental platforms, rentable electric small class vehicles and public transportation mobility solutions.

Geliver: It is a cloud-based logistics application where businesses can reach the most suitable cargo alternatives with dynamic pricing, integrate with all cargo and logistics companies with a single API, and manage the entire transportation process from end to end.

Invesya: It is a mobile application where users may produce works of art from words for free with the help of artificial intelligence and earn money by selling the works of art they produce within the application.

Postuby: It is a platform that eliminates the worry of "what should I share on social media?" and offers its subscribers ready-to-share content with the support of artificial intelligence.

Sadetoptan: It is a platform where wholesalers may take orders from their customers in a very fast and simple way, as well as track their current flows and easily organize their supply lists, and list their deliveries from a single place with delivery lists.

Swatchloop: It is a sustainable digital ecosystem specific to the textile industry, where brands and manufacturers carry out B2B activities and where all stakeholders in the industry (private sector, test-certification and R&D centers, public, etc.) may carry out open innovation, recycling-circular economy activities.

uStory: It is a mobile application platform that publishes interactive literary works and brings writers and readers together.

Yancep: It is a savings and investment platform where individuals may invest in portfolios modeled according to their goals and risk preferences with small amounts.