Iletmen participates in initiatives that use Kuveyt Türk's APIs

ILETMEN, which provides package service to the neighborhood tradesmen and micro logistics services to e-commerce sites, cooperated with Kuveyt Türk to use its APIs.


In a short time like a week, APIs were taken live and the automation of Iletmen in the accounting process between the dealer, customer and the center was achieved quickly.

Kuveyt Türk, the leading and innovative participation bank of Türkiye, continues to increase contributions to the open banking ecosystem with its API market. Iletmen, which provides "smart delivery" service to neighborhood tradesmen and e-commerce sites, started using Kuveyt Türk's APIs.

Iletmen started activities in 2016 to provide delivery services to restaurants, markets and neighborhood tradesmen and now offers solutions for cargo, e-commerce and all kinds of delivery needs in the neighborhood as part of new generation package service. One of the most important needs of Iletmen in this process was to ensure that the payments received by customers are processed into the ILETMEN system, and that this can be seen by dealers and customers. Iletmen collaborated with Kuveyt Türk to use its APIs to meet this need. Within the scope of the cooperation, all processes such as contract, technical specification, testing and live-up were completed in a short time like a week, and APIs were presented to Iletmen in a live environment. Thus, Iletmen has achieved automation in the accounting process between all dealers, customers and headquarters in a short time.

The goal is activated APIs in one day

Stating that they want to provide API services to initiative with the agility of startups, Aslan Demir Executive Vice President, HR, Strategy and Digital Transformation, stated that their goal is to reduce the time to activate the APIs to a day. Noting that Kuveyt Türk continues to increase the number of APIs in the API market, taking into account the needs of the enterprises and the sector, Aslan Demir stated that their cooperation with the entrepreneurship ecosystem will continue to be an important part of Kuveyt Türk's platform banking strategy.

It will extent smart delivery points

Expressing that the only job of ILETMEN, which offers a new generation of smart delivery service, is to deliver the sender's packages, products or orders to the recipient on time, ILETMEN Founding Partner Özgür Duruöz stated that their cooperation with Kuveyt Türk is an important step to popularize the ILETMEN Smart Delivery Points and to strengthen the technological infrastructure.

Close to 100 APIs are offered on a single platform

Kuveyt Türk API Market Platform offers nearly 100 API services to the service of developers. Thanks to the sharing of data and banking infrastructure offered on the platform, initiatives can develop innovative products and services in their applications. Organizations that want to integrate APIs with their own platforms are sufficient to apply through the Kuveyt Turk API Market. Applications are evaluated by Kuveyt Türk and made available to institutions. Kuveyt Turk API Market, in terms of scope, carries the first of its kind in Türkiye. This structure draws attention by allowing financial transactions that comply with PSD2 standards to be combined on a single platform.