Full Support to Entrepreneurs by Kuveyt Türk’s Guild (Akhism) Entrepreneurs Center

Kuveyt Türk opens the way for the entrepreneurs willing to put their ideas and projects in action. Launching its Guild Entrepreneurs Center, Kuveyt Türk is aiming to contribute to the country’s economy by growing the new ideas.


Open to anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship and implement their projects, applicants may register with Guild Entrepreneurs Center by visiting till 31 August 2017.

Pioneering and innovative participation bank of Türkiye, Kuveyt Türk has launched its Guild Entrepreneurs Center in cooperation with Workinton, where support and facilities ranging from education to mentoring, consulting to financial investments shall be provided for startups. Through project partnership with Workinton, Guild Entrepreneurs Center which will provide services in a number of cities, equipped with a strong network of locations, offers multitude of facilities such as incubation, booster program and financial investment support.

The Guild Entrepreneurs Center shall initially support 10 entrepreneur teams. The entrepreneurs to be selected from the applications placed at till Thursday, 31 August 2017 shall be supported by all means for six months through mentoring and consulting during the training and events to be held.

Mr. İrfan Yılmaz, Asst. General Manager in charge of Banking Service Group at Kuveyt Türk, said: “We, as Kuveyt Türk, are supporting the growth and development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Türkiye. For a long time, we have been willing to offer various services such as capital, training, support and mentoring for the new entrepreneurs. Moreover, for the first time this year, we held Hackathon helping our young people make their ideas into projects. And now, together with Workinton, we are launching the Guild Entrepreneurs Center which will help new ideas to be realized. The seeds we have sown at Hackathon are now getting off the ground at the Guild Entrepreneurs Center.”

“We will revive the master-apprentice relationship through mentors”

Emphasizing that the capital is not merely a monetary thing in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, Mr. İrfan Yılmaz, the Asst. General Manager, went on to say, “The parameters such as mentoring or networking are as equally important as the capital in entrepreneurship. We attach more importance to mentoring. At our entrepreneurship center named after the guild or akhism organization in the Seljuk era where the artisans and craftsmen come together, we will revive the master-apprentice relationship through mentors. Here, we will bring together all the stakeholders from advisors, academicians, investors to former entrepreneurs who will support the activities of the entrepreneurs.”

Venture Capital Investment Fund

Blazing a trail among the banks in Türkiye, Kuveyt Türk will launch the first venture capital investment fund dedicated for the startup and techno entrepreneurs. Expected to be established in September, the investment fund will give priority to the projects supported by the Guild Entrepreneurs Center.