First credit card not charging annual card fee but giving card points celebrates its second year

Saglam Card as the first credit card in Türkiye not charging any annual fee but paying card fee to its holders in the form of 50-TL Gold Points in case of regular use and payment celebrates its second year.


Kuveyt Türk, the pioneering participation bank of Türkiye, continues to offer payments with 5 interest-free installments in education and health spending using Saglam Card offered to its clients in an effort to prevent unnecessary spendings using credit cards and encourage savings.

Number of Turkish consumers using credit card is more than 65,5 million. The number of consumers who pay for their shopping and other debts using credit cards is increasing steadily. According to the data disclosed by Interbank Card Center, the amount of payment using credit card in September exceeded 65 billion TL. July 2018 data disclosed by Turkish Association of Bankers Risk Center reveals that judicial proceedings have been launched or are underway against 2,3 million defaulting card holders.

Mr. Mehmet Oral, Asst. Managing Director in Charge of Retail Banking at Kuveyt Türk has stressed that they had been supporting their clients with Saglam Card launched with the understanding of acting diligently in using credit cards. Stating that they have defined the Saglam Card as budget-friendly, Mr. Oral was quoted as saying “We are at service of our clients with this card as they need. The point we especially draw attention here is the actual need. We have designed the Saglam Card in an effort to prevent unnecessary spending by our clients and use it only for buying actually needed items. We offer 5 interest-free installments for their health and education spending using Saglam Card” .

Points converted to gold or money

Stating that their clients who have spent 200 TL and  more each month and paid the credit card debts regularly along the year have been rewarded with gold points of 50 TL, Mr. Oral said, “With Saglam Card, we have preferred to present our clients gold points which they can use or save as they wish instead of giving restricted and time-bound points. Regular users of our card started to receive their 50 TL in their accounts as from February this year. We are intending to continue such practice every year. When the Gold Points offered by Saglam Card exceeds 10 TL, they are automatically transferred to Gold Current Account of our clients. Saglam Card holders are free to keep the gold in that account or convert to TL or withdraw as gram gold from our branch offices. With Saglam Card which we believe would bring in a new perspective in the sector, we are pleased to add another step in line with ‘Sound Banking’ approach of Kuveyt Türk.

From education and health to road assistance

With installment payment and gold point privileges, the card offers Kuveyt Türk clients 5 interest-free installment in health and education spendings*, and alleviates their spending burden and satisfies urgent cash needs through its cash advance feature.

Saglam Card is always giving Kuveyt Türk clients a back whenever they need and not only at points of sales. The card holders can enjoy a number of Saglam Card assistant services such as residential, travel, road assistance and concierge services.

Detailed info about Saglam Card is available at the call center (444 0 123) or websites or

*Option for 5 interest-free installments in education and health sectors is valid for spending at least 100 TL at the retailers with MCC codes “Education” and “Health”.