Financial transactions in your hands with Kuveyt Türk Mobile

Türkiye's leading participation finance house, Kuveyt Türk draws attention to the conveniences offered through digital platforms and invites customers to use mobile banking with its new commercial with the motto “smart with no distance and no cost”.


As the digital platforms were introduced, the expectations of banking customers have changed a lot.  Customers are now willing to perform any financial transactions they wish, wherever they are, in the most secure and fastest way. Mobile banking brings financial transactions to the fingertips of users, making it possible for the customers to perform their transactions much more easily in no time.

Offering newgen solutions to its users with its advanced banking technologies, in its new commercial spot, Kuveyt Türk invites everyone to use mobile banking.

The commercial spot, on air in all media, features the smart solutions offered by Kuveyt Türk Mobile involving no distance, time or effort contrasting the real-life affairs where even the simplest tasks require travel, time and effort. The spot emphasizes that numerous banking transactions from opening digital participation account to buying gold or forex are now available at a distance of your smartphone.

With the motto “smart with no distance and no cost”, the spot emphasizes that the crucial features making our life easier are available in Kuveyt Türk Mobile. Underlining also that all questions that come to mind during the process will be resolved, the spot conveys the message that users of all age groups can easily use the Kuveyt Türk Mobile app.

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Advertiser:                                    Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank

Advertiser Representative:         Fatih Kamaşoğlu, Hasan Erol, Muhammed Emir Ertürk, Yasin Suat, Anıl Karakuş

Advertising Agency:                    Gram Istanbul

Agency Chairman:                       Nurcan Yıldız

Creative Director:                        Tarık Akın

Creative Crew:                              Tolga Akın, Nihan Adıyaman, Tolga Tarhanacı

Customer Relations:                    Yeliz Tezcan, Selen Beşikçi

Producer:                                       Kraft Production