EU project TESTOMAT was completed with the support of Kuveyt Türk

The European Union ITEA3 TESTOMAT Project, in which Kuveyt Türk, Turkey's leading participation financial institution, assumes the role of country coordinator, has been successfully completed.


Thanks to TESTOMAT, possible risks arising from systemic developments in banking can be eliminated in an automated testing environment. With the project supported by the IT-Test Service of the Kuveyt Türk R&D Center, the tests that approximately 10 engineers could perform were automated.

Within the scope of ITEA3 TESTOMAT (The Next Level of Test Automation), which is a European Union project, studies were carried out to increase efficiency in test automation and test processes, to move to higher levels, to prepare academic publications and an end-to-end electronic guide that can guide the sectors. Industrial companies, research centers and universities from six countries, which are among the best in their fields, participated in the project. The ITEA3 TESTOMAT Project enables the implementation of the latest technologies in test automation, enabling companies to identify “their next levels” through a Test Automation Improvement Model and optimize their testing with dozens of open-source tools.

“The tests requiring at least 10 engineers have been automated”

Kuveyt Türk Information Technologies Group Manager Dr. Hadi Rubaci stated "We design, develop and present the most innovative projects and applications in the focus of digitalization and technology. Not only that, we continue to collaborate on R&D and project in the field of financial technologies globally. The point where technology has reached provides us with efficiency and speed, while also contributing significantly to the customer experience. Systemic improvements and changes made within the scope of information technologies can occasionally cause unexpected effects or problems. In this context, ITEA3 TESTOMAT project was developed by the European Union to eliminate technical problems in the test environment. In this 3-year project, we successfully completed the processes by fulfilling the duty of country coordinator. Thus, possible problems that may arise after systematic developments and changes can be solved in the test environment and products and services can be offered to customers on a more solid basis. In addition, the test procedures to be carried out by approximately 10 test engineers were automated with this system. Thus, an operational burden requiring the same tests to be performed repeatedly was eliminated, risks were eliminated and more detailed test results were obtained in addition to saving time. We would like to continue to increase our support for such cooperation and projects in the coming period. By investing in new technologies, we will continue our efforts to offer safe, inclusive and innovative solutions to our customers in the world of finance and banking of the future." 

In relation to the project, Kuveyt Türk R&D Center also participated in the Cyber Security & Cloud Expo and CySAB (Cyber Security Advisory Board) meeting organized in Amsterdam, the Netherlands by representing the TESTOMAT project among the different ITEA project stands in the ITEA stand. In this event, leading brands that adopted and developed the latest technologies across cyber security, cloud, internet of things, blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data participated.