Entrepreneur teams graduating Lonca exceed 40 in number

Put into service by Kuveyt Türk in an effort to support innovative ideas and bring them into country’s economy, the Lonca Entrepreneurs Center completed its fourth training term.


At the end of the term, 11 entrepreneur teams have completed their training at the Center where they enjoy privileges such as cash grants in an amount up to 40.000 TL for each team, 6-month training and mentoring, incubation and R&D supports. The teams found opportunity to develop their techno-oriented projects ranging from building management to recycling, mobile apps, analysis and research platforms. 

Established in 2917 by Kuveyt Türk in an effort to support innovative ideas and bring them into country’s economy, the Lonca Entrepreneurs Center released its fourth-term trainees. Lonca Demoday event organized at Workinton Levent 199 on Tuesday, 15 October 2019 has been attended by İrfan Yılmaz, Vice Executive President in Charge of Banking Service Group at Kuveyt Türk, Dr. Selman Ortaköy, the Operations Group Manager of Kuveyt Türk and Director at Lonca, Cihan Seyithanoglu, Workinton’s CEO, graduate entrepreneurs, business partners of Kuveyt Türk and other invitees.

“Lonca is a vital investment for four future”

Stating that they had the pleasure of graduating 40 entrepreneurs in 4 terms from the Lonca Entrepreneurship Center, Dr. Selman Ortaköy said, “The Lonca Entrepreneurship Center, which we have established in line with the on-going training and development principle of our Bank, has become one of the most effective incubation centers and initiative acceleration programs of our country in just two years. Over 500 thousand applications we received for the first 4 terms is very important in that it indicates how bright ideas emerged from our country.  We chose 40 of these applications and provided them with support such as training, mentoring, grants up to 40 thousand TL, working environment and R&D.  We invested in Akaunting, one of the Lonca’s second term graduates, in July this year through our subsidiary KT Asset Management Company.  We believe that centers like Lonca are one of the most important investments in our society, our country's economy and future and we hope that these centers will increase in number.  As in previous periods, we will continue to work together, on various platforms, with our entrepreneurs who have graduated from our fourth term.  On this very occasion, I congratulate and wish them continued success.”

 “We work hard to support the Lonca teams”

Cihan Seyithanoğlu, the CEO at Workinton that has become one of the most important stakeholders of Kuveyt Türk since 2017, when the Lonca Entrepreneurship Center was established, and that offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to work in different locations in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Bursa and Qatar, expressed their pleasure for hosting the entrepreneurs. Seyithanoğlu said, “We know how important the working office is for entrepreneurs who are just at the beginning of the road. That is why we take care to support the Lonca teams in all of our Workinton offices as much as we can.”

11 entrepreneur teams graduated in fourth term of Lonca Entrepreneurs Center and their fields of activity are as follows:

  • Planticket: Construction and building management tool, which enables easy access to current building plans for all employees, which is used for managing construction works and site staff effectively, and provides solutions such as efficiency, performance evaluation, reporting and communication
  • A startup that allows you to use the audio system, projection and filming equipment needed in educational, event or entertainment organizations by renting online instead of buying.
  • Kidoole: Online marketplace that connects nursery, kindergarten and course / event centers with parents / guardians of children.  Hourly nursery care and courses / events can be purchased and you can enroll with school online.  
  • FilameX: A startup aiming to produce filaments being the consumables of 3-D printers by recycling through waste plastics.
  • Frise: A smart mobile app that recommends recipes based on the inventory of its users.
  • Kube: The application that enables working and holding meetings in Hotels and Ready offices in various locations without dealing with any operations thanks to its subscription and credit infrastructure.
  • Pollective: A digital research and polling platform that directly brings brands and consumers together.
  • Predy: It is a platform that provides social media analysis, forecasting and optimization recommendations for the publishers, agencies and multi-brand companies.  It provides an alternative to the trial-and-error approach, particularly by recommending ads to the advertisers so that their social media ads reach the highest ROI values. 
  • Sopyo: The SAAS solution that enables SMEs to manage their e-commerce operations from a single point, who carry out or wish to carry out multi-channel sales on the Internet.
  • StuffApp: A mobile application platform ensuring best price advantage to electronic appliances from anywhere anytime.

Yeşil Diyafon: A recycling process management that enables the recycling of waste from basic living areas such as homes, workplaces, campuses to be turned into value by sorting them starting from the very first stage, and by transforming this recycling consciousness into a behavior to make this process so much easier.