Audible menu service at ATMs for the visually impaired from Kuveyt Türk!

Leading the industry with the projects it has developed by focusing on digital transformation and people, Kuveyt Türk introduced the voice menu feature in its ATMs to enable visually impaired people to perform their financial transactions easily.


Visually impaired customers can easily perform balance inquiries, withdrawals, deposits, credit card debt inquiries and credit card debt payments at Kuveyt Türk ATMs, using a headset. The ATM screen is dimmed to ensure the security of personal data when using the voice menu.

Leading participation finance institution of Türkiye, Kuveyt Türk continues to develop solutions that allow people with disabilities to easily carry out their financial transactions. Having started to serve the hearing impaired in sign language in 2018 through XTMs, which combine the practicality of ATMs with the rich services of branches, Kuveyt Türk has this time implemented a voice menu service at its ATMs for the visually impaired.

Information such as the audible menu function, warnings, instructions, requested confirmations regarding customer transactions, and error messages, which Kuveyt Türk put into use at 245 ATMs in 55 provinces at the first stage, are presented to visually impaired customers by taking necessary precautions regarding customer privacy.  With this service, disabled customers can perform balance inquiries, withdrawals, deposits, credit card debt inquiries and credit card debt payments via the voice menu.

ATM screen dims when using voice menu

Visually impaired customers who want to benefit from the service can perform their transactions by first inserting their personal headphones and then their cards into the ATM. If the headset is removed from the ATM during or after the transaction, the transactions are terminated and the card is returned. When using the voice menu, the ATM screen is darkened, preventing the transactions from being seen by others. The volume can be adjusted with the button next to the headphone jack. In addition, embossed text is placed on the middle button, enter, delete and cancel buttons in ATMs for the visually impaired customers to use comfortably..

“We will continue to provide unhindered financial services at the highest quality”

Kuveyt Türk's Executive Vice President of Individual and Private Affairs, Mehmet Oral said, “We use the most up-to-date technologies to provide the best service and the most meaningful experience to our customers. We have been providing financial services to our hearing-impaired customers in sign language since 2018, through our innovation product XTMs, which we started to produce in 2013 and developed over time, breaking new ground in Türkiye. This time, we focused our efforts on ATMs in order to enable our visually impaired customers to perform their banking transactions more easily. Thanks to the audio menu function that we offer at our ATMs, we not only enable the visually impaired to access financial services easily, but also continue to raise awareness in our society for overcoming obstacles. This service, which we started at 245 ATMs in the first place, will also be available at other ATMs in the future. As Kuveyt Türk, we will continue to increase our innovation and digital transformation-oriented efforts to provide our customers with the best experience in unhindered financial services in our branches, XTMs, ATMs and in the digital environment.”