A new platform where ideas from Kuveyt Türk comes to life: Fikrinn

Standing out with its innovative products and services, Kuveyt Türk has launched the Fikrinn Platform where university students, entrepreneurs and customers can share their ideas and experiences.


In addition to being an environment for communicating innovative ideas, the platform will also host the Ideathon Idea Contest for university students. The first thematic call topic of Fikrinn Platform has been identified.

Kuveyt Türk, which has increased its support to the entrepreneurial ecosystem as well as effectively bringing together its outstanding financial products and services with savers and investors, has established the Fikrinn Platform for the realization of innovative ideas.

University students, entrepreneurs and individual and corporate customers will be able to convey their innovative ideas on many issues, especially banking products and services, to the Kuveyt Türk Fikrinn Platform. The platform, where all customers of Kuveyt Türk can also share their experiences regarding existing products and services, will pave the way for the implementation of their innovative ideas. Kuveyt Türk will also hold the Ideathon Idea Competition for university students on Fikrinn Platform. 

Kuveyt Türk also made its first thematic call with Fikrinn Platform.  Kuveyt Türk will collect innovative ideas based on mobile banking with the qquestion of "What products and services would you like to have in addition to our existing products and services in our Kuveyt Türk Mobile application?” until February 11, 2022. A prize of 10,000 TL will be presented to the owner of the first selected idea.

“We are opening up new spaces for innovative ideas”

Aslan Demir, Deputy General Manager Responsible for Kuveyt Türk Strategy, HR and Digital Transformation, stated "We do not limit our investments in our country only to the financial field, we implement many projects that will add value to Turkey in social and economic issues. While we continue our pioneering position in the sector with the steps we take on the path of technology and innovation, we bring a new breath to the world of finance with the platforms we have established. We think it is especially valuable to open up new spaces where young people, entrepreneurs and our customers can easily share their ideas. In this context, we have implemented Fikrinn Platform in order to realize the innovative ideas of our university students and entrepreneurs and to provide a better customer experience based on the evaluations of our individual and corporate customers about our products and services. We will also organize the Ideathon Idea Competition, where we offer a different experience environment to our young people, on this platform in the following period. We invite everyone who wants to add value to the world of finance with their innovative and original ideas to become part of the Fikrinn Platform. ”

You can view Kuveyt Turk’s Fikrinn Platform at