A New Home to Cancer-Suffering Children with The Support of Kuveyt Türk

Adopting the corporate social responsibility in its activities Kuveyt Türk supports also the second stage of KAÇUV’s Family Home Project designed for the children treated for cancer and their families. Kuveyt Türk has contributed a total of 1 million 629 thousand including 413 thousand 200 TL this year to KAÇUV’s Family Home Project, on behalf of its clients.

Having actively supported the a number of projects beneficial for the mankind and society since its establishment, Kuveyt Türk still continues its campaign in its fifth year in an effort to support the Family Home, one of the most important projects of the Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer (KAÇUV)).

As part of the campaign for 2nd Family Home under Support for Hope Project of KAÇUV, Kuveyt Türk donated 1 TL  per transaction using any personal credit cards between April 23-30, 2017 on behalf of its clients. Kuveyt Türk has presented the donation of 413 thousand 200 TL to KAÇUV at a ceremony held on Thursday, May 19, 2017. Supporting the project for five years, Kuveyt Türk has so far donated 1 million 629 thousand TL to KAÇUV Family Home.

“Our Support for our Children with Cancer Will Continue”

Aslan Demir, Asst. General Manager, Kuveyt Türk Strategy Group said: “We, as Kuveyt Türk, are well aware of our responsibilities toward our clients and our society as well. We support a number of social responsibility projects contributing to the knowledge and awareness level of the society. One of them is KAÇUV’s Family Home project. We are donating on behalf of our clients to KAÇUV’s Family Home project as part of the campaign launched on April 23 National Sovereignty and Children Day for  five years. We have reached a remarkable level of 413 thousand 200 TL this year. We enjoy the pleasure and peace of mind that we could contribute to the construction expenses of 2nd Family Home of KAÇUV serving our children with cancer and their families. We are aiming at supporting more and more children and families during their treatment in the upcoming years, too.”

Second Family Home to be opened in 2018

KAÇUV Family Home put into service in 2012, a center that offers free-of-charge accommodation, food, cleaning, psycho-social supporting services and, to a certain extent, clothing to children with cancer and their families that are in need during the course of their treatment in Istanbul has since accommodated more than 300 families. Consisting of 14 rooms including two single and twelve double rooms, KAÇUV Family Home has also game room and playground for the patient children. It is expected that 2nd Family Home, the construction of which is still underway at a location near Pendik Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul, in the hope of supporting more children and families be put into service in 2018.