Wage Management

On the basis of a wage policy according to not individual but performance, wage management system motivates employees and aims at enabling employees to perform above their goals, identify the employees at different performance levels and ensure a performance based wage calculation. The structure of wage calculation is considered as “Total Wage Package” comprising of Salary, Cash Allowances, Performance Premium and other supplementary payments.

Newly-employed people are paid according to sectoral averages. However, in the coming years, salary increases differ by year-end performances. In accordance with employees’ needs and for the purpose of continuing our competitive existence in the market, there are a number of supplementary benefits in addition to salary.

  • Performance Premium,
  • Institution-contributed Individual Pension Payment (AİLEM),
  • Private Health Insurance which covers spouse and children,
  • Foreign language benefit,
  • Social benefits in case of marriage, birth, death, etc.
  • Service or transportation benefit,
  • Clothing benefit,
  • Opportunity to do a master’s degree at contracted universities with discounts special for Kuveyt Turk employees