With Gold Send mobile application we enable all people to send certified Kuveyt Turk gram gold via their card to their loved ones. In this process, the person who wants to send gold downloads the Gold Send application from the market, enters his and the receiver’s name, surname and mobile phone number and then chooses the gram gold amount he wants to send. After that, he enters his credit card information to our secure web environment. As soon as the transaction completes, the gold receiver gets an SMS including a reference number. Finally, he can take the gold from any Kuveyt Turk ATM in Turkey by entering his mobile phone number and the reference number whenever he wants.

To whom/where and what I can send with Send Gold application?

To everbody (customers and noncustomers of Kuveyt Turk) you can send gold.

In which form can I send gold and how can the Receiver can take this gold?

As soon as the transaction is done, SMS message containing a reference number is sent to the Receiver. Receiver can take 1 gram-certified golds from all Kuveyt Turk’s ATMs and branches

Who can use Send Gold application?

Everybody who has an Android smart phone can use Send Gold application.

Is there any transaction limit in Send Gold application?

Yes, 10 gram gold daily and 30 gram gold monthly limits exist.

From which credit card the gold will be sent?

You can send gold with any credit card you have.

Is the person I sent gold must be a Kuveyt Turk customer?

No. You can send gold anyone.

When can the Receiver take his gold?

Receiver can take his gold any time.

What is the commission when I send gold?

3 TL for Kuveyt Turk cards and 4 TL for other bank cards.