İşlematik Security

For your security, please be careful while using İŞLEMATİKs!

  • In the event you get suspicious, your card gets stuck in İŞLETMATİK or you can not receive your money, please notify us by calling Kuveyt Turk Call Center at 444 0 123 / 0850 251 0 123.
  • Never get any help from the people other than Kuveyt Turk employees while you are making a transaction.
  • Do not leave İŞLEMATİK while you are making a transaction.
  • Do not use easy-to-guess numbers such as your telephone number, card number, date of birth, consecutive numbers while you are determining/changing your password.
  • Do not let others see your password while you are entering your password.
  • Never share your password with others.
  • Do not keep your password in writing in your mobile phone, wallet or any other place.
  • Do not forget that you are responsible for your card password.
  • In the event your card is lost or stolen, please call our Call Center (444 0 123 / 0850 251 0 123) and cancel your card.