Sale Plus Introduction

Sale Plus is the next-generation credit card of Kuveyt Turk.Sale Plus has three segments which are Platin, Gold, and Classic. Unlike the other credit cards that you know, it enables you to save by means of the sale opportunities from which you may directly benefit at contracted merchants. Moreover, it lessens the burden on you in shopping thanks to its installment and Gold Point features.

You can use taking qardhul hassan feature of Sale Plus in order to satisfy your urgent cash need. You can easily split your expenditures into installments, but this characteristic of Sale Plus not valid for GSM units, tax payments, invoice payments, grocery expenditures, food expenditures, cell phones, fuel, insurance and jewelry store shoppings. Sale Plus is free for customers.

Sale Plus Sale

With Sale Plus, sale for you everyday!

In the contracted merchants of Sale Plus, you have a sale everyday. is at your service so that you see your sale advantages!


With Sale Plus, you have as many installments as you wish all over the world!

With Sale Plus, you may make an installment plan for shopping all over the world and determine the number of installments.

Number of Installments Total Price Difference (Tax included)
2 2.31%
3 3.09%
4 3.87%
5 4.65%
6 5.44%
7 6.24%
8 7.03%
9 7.84%

Installment Assignment / Changeover Options

  • Call Center (444 0 123)
  • Internet Branch (
  • SMS
  • In order to assign the installment number:

    Taksit (space) Last 4 Digits of Your Credit Card Number (space) Installment Number You Wish to Assign

    You can change the installment number with sending above mentioned text to 2848.

    For instance; “Taksit 1234 6” >> 2848. You will be informed about that your installment number has changed.

    Gold Point

    With Sale Plus, win Gold Points; either save or spend!

    You gain Gold Points at the rate of 1% of each installment shopping you make and 0,1% of cash transactions by Sale Plus. The Gold Points that you gain accumulate. Once they exceed 10 TL, they are transferred to your Gold Current Account. Thus, you either save your gold or receive in gram gold from our branches.


    You can use taking qardhul hassan feature of Sale Plus in order to satisfy your urgent cash need. This can be valid for 10% of card limit up to 500 TL. Processing fee which is equal to 1,25 TL and inflation gap are taken. The qardhul hassan must be paid back during first payment period. Monthly inflation gap is published in the part of service fees on our website.

    For the calculation of inflation gap, it is used the formula below.

    Inflation rate = (12-month CPI + 12-month PPI)/(2*12)

    Amount to be paid = [(Cut Off Date – Processing Date)*Inflation Rate*Amount Drawn]/[30*100]

    For detailed information, please visit